Il Maggiore Theater, Verbania
9.00 PM

Contemporary dance


➣ Visions

The creation, inspired by the artist Barbara Kruger, and in particular the work “Your body is a battleground”, from which it takes its title, wants to investigate the conscience of the individual, get to wonder about how much we have actually questioned the models social. Obviously it focuses a lot on the role of women today in society inspired by the homonymous work, created as pro-abortion advertising, and highlighting themes that still today, after thirty years, taking reference to the work, are still very vivid. Who decides what a woman should do or not do? Who decides what should or should not be ?. At the centre of the work is the feminine ideal that society has and that, despite the passing of the years, has not yet been put aside, stored. As the title of the work says, all bodies are a battlefield. This is because all the personalities are preventive and try to be more performative than the social role of their lives.
Society imposes stereotypes, models, and it is increasingly difficult to dissociate them, because the world is growing and increasingly focusing on the external aspect, on what others think; social networks are certainly a means that emphasizes this aspect even more. The woman, which has always been a symbol of fertility and seduction, is undoubtedly the most subject to exploitation and tries to follow fashion, sometimes even deforming her own body.
In the creation there is a challenge between two personalities: one who wants to try to be what society asks her to be and expects her to be; another, rebel, who with sense of humor tries to be what she wants to be and accepts herself for her peculiarities, to be different from all the others. The choreography becomes a tool for understanding and analysing the capitalist dynamics that make the body an object. The emphasized movements and the abstraction of the choreographic creation want, on the one hand, to highlight the alienation of the human body today and, on the other hand, to ironically take a very important and current topic, trying to see it under a different key, but without losing its ‘importance. We, with the art, in this case the dance, we can easily and perhaps using the same sense of humor, turn the coin again and try to permanently eliminate some models in which we are imprisoned.

Choreography: Adriano Bolognino
Music: ModeratJon Hopkins
Production: EgriBiancoDanza
Duration: 20 min

Adriano Bolognino

Dancer for the Milan Contemporary Ballet in collaboration with Wayne McGregor. Dancer for the Company DèJàDonnè directed by Virginia Spallarossa. Dancer for Valencia Dancing Forward with Marcos Morau (La Veronal), Joan Crespoe Francesco Curci. Dancer for Jorge Crecis, Natalia Iwaniec (Gaga), Damian Munoz (La Intrusa cie), Laura Matano, Nicoletta Cabassi, Ana Baigorri, Roberto Altamura and for Yellow (Creation): Let’s Dance International Frontiers in Leicester, Bpform and Teatrocittà in Rome, Aperilab in Naples, What we are in Udine. Winner of the NEWDANCEGENERATION contest in Caserta. OFFFROMME (creation) wins the prize at Celje at Opus1. Yellow goes on tour in numerous Italian theatres. The RM94978 creation travels from Paris to Tenerife and is selected for the “CIETWAIN direzioni altre” festival.
He is an assistant choreographer for “9 minutes” by Jorge Crecis. Choreographer of the Opificio project in Rome. Choreographer for the Italian company EgriBianco. Choreographer for the Biennale College project (Venice Biennale).

Fondazione Egrì per la Danza

Fondazione Egri per la Danza, established in 1998, continues and develops the activity undertaken since 1953 by the Centro di Studio della Danza, created by Susanna Egri: a centre for the study, creation and enhancement of dance. The Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza, directed by Raphael Bianco, carries out production and circulation activities for national and international shows. Born in 1999, it is composed of dancers with high level professional experience and has a solid repertoire, from neo-classical ballet to contemporary dance.