Il Maggiore Theatre, Verbania
9.00 PM

Contemporary dance


Goblin Party (Corea del Sud)

➣ Platform international projects

The great international dance returns to Verbania, at the Teatro Il Maggiore/Il Maggiore Theatre, with the Korean company Goblin Party, produced by the prestigious Asian circuit ‘Sidance‘. The show will be presented in several Italian stages, thanks to the ‘Crossing The Sea‘ project.
Silver Knife is inspired by the Eunjangdo, a traditional Korean knife worn by widows as a symbol of loyalty, but also used to defend one’s chastity or commit suicide.
The fictional island of Silver Knife, located on the stage, is the place where women live and where their sharp and repressed emotional states are represented through movement.
Beautifully orchestrated and full of ferocity, Silver Knife, with her four female performers, invites you to see the wild emotions that come to life in intimate spaces.
The project is realized in collaboration with Focus Young Mediterranean, Middle East and Asian Choreographers 2019 and Crossing The Sea, seven Italian partners on the network for a project between Italy, the Middle East and Asia to promote the internationalization of live entertainment.

Ideation and choreography: Jin Ho Lim, Kyung Min Ji
Co-Ideation and performer: Sung Eun Lim, Kyung Gu Lee, Hyun Min Ahn, Yeon Joo Lee
Dramaturgy: Harim Lee
Stage manager: Jin Woo Kim
Light Designer: Seung Ho Lee
Sound Designer: Sunyoung Heo
Music: Remi Klemensiewicz
Company director: Soohye Jang
With the support of Seoul Section of the Int’l Dance Council CID-UNESCO e Arts Council Korea
Duration: 30 min

Jin Ho Lim, Kyung Min Ji

Jin Ho Lim and Kyung Min Ji are co-leaders, choreographers and dancers of the Goblin Party company that creates works based on contemporary dance. Their co-creations, from their foundation in 2007, are inspired by their personal perspectives. They create spaces and situations and discover characters with which to create new stories to tell the public. Their main focus is on communication with the public and constantly try to expand public perspectives in the best possible way. Their main productions are: ‘Once Upon A Time‘, chosen among the best 5 performances by the Korean Association of Dance Critics and Reaserchers and presented at the Korean Cultural Center in Washington DC in 2018; ‘Silver Knife‘, invited to the European contemporary dance platform Aerowaves 2018; “I GO” presented in 10 European countries and at the Korean Cultural Center in New York.

Goblin Party

Goblin Party, a Korean company, founded in Seoul in 2007, is composed of a group of multifaceted artists, choreographers and dancers. Goblin Party focuses on producing shows that extend public viewing. Choreographers Jin ho Lim and Kyung min JI are part of the emerging new generation of contemporary Korean dance. Both have a degree in dance and a master’s degree in education at the University of Choongang. LIM Jin Ho received the award for the best choreography at the Seoul Dance Collection, SPAF in 2011 and JI Kyung-Min won the awards for his choreography at the CJ Young Festival in 2007. Silver Knife was invited to the European Dance Platform contemporary Aerowaves; ‘I go’, one of their most famous projects, has been touring in 10 European countries and at the Korean Cultural Center in Washington DC.