CROSS Award 2022-2024 | COLLATERALE

CROSS Award 2022-2024 | COLLATERALE is the international prize launched by CROSS Residence with the aim of supporting artistic and performative research projects related to the ecological and communal heritage in the Lake Orta area, activating a programme of performances and participatory activities open to the public.

Meeting Point
Piazza G. Marconi
h 3PM
Meeting Point
Atelier di Benoit Bouhier
via Trento 1, Ameno
h 5PM
Meeting Point
Atelier di Benoit Bouhier
via Trento 1, Ameno
h 4PM

BOOKING INFO:  / +39 3343441722

All activities are free. To participate we advise you to sign up, we will keep you updated.

The programme will take place outdoors and might involve physical activity. We advise you to check on the weather forecast and wear comfortable clothes and shoes. In case of heavy rain alternative locations will be communicated on social media and via email to whom subscribed and gave their contact information.

Winning artists and projects:

B Bordoni e Lemmo (IT)  
JTFTN – Jungle Turning Flower Turning Noise

Stefania Alos Pedretti (IT)
Ritual III Whisper

enrico floriddia 
con Elena Radice e Allison Grimaldi Donahue (IT)
Spargete la voce

Helena Diedrich (DE/BE)
The rush of the seas throbbing in our hearts

Muna Mussie (IT/ERI) e Sara Manente (BE/IT)

Rafael Duarte-Uriza (CO)
4°a 6°

Ru Kim (KOR/DE)
Snake lake_island wilding

COLLATERALE is an invitation to spend a season of ideas, open-air movements of thought, body practices, stories and tales -words, sonic dances and astral verses- of encounters on meadows and bodies of water, in the shadow of the Performing Arts hat of experimentation.

From the 21st of April to the 15th of June 2024 the project launched by the international call CROSS Award 2022-2024 will take place in Ameno and in the Lake Orta area. In its special edition COLLATERALE it will host 7 residency projects brought by artists and collectives from all over Italy and abroad, activating a programme of laboratories and performances open to the public. 

The artists, supervised by a team of exceptional tutors, will spend their residency periods researching immersed in the life of the village, in the woods, among the streams and bodies of water. From the end of April to the beginning of May, there will be workshops working on silence, listening, vocal aloud expression and recording, as well as the creation of a sensitive and corporeal cartography. From mid May onwards, there will be impromptu encounters on the wood trails, offering manual activities and listening to the geomagnetic energies of the soil. In June, we will inaugurate a multitude of performative experiences related to the narration of the non-human environment, manual intelligences and collective imaginaries.

In the work of care and development I do with the COLLATERALE artists, I focus on how to facilitate encounters with the territory that create a relationship of reciprocity: the territory is understood as community in a perspective of mutual exchange between those who inhabit it and those who travers it; the community is a social ecology of individuals, independent organizations and institutions that does not end at the boundaries of the “rural”. Any ecology, as well as any act of creativity, is the fruit of both the imaginaries that reside and those that wander, of things that are rooted, of those concealed by time and powers, and of the radical transformations we enact in order to shape our future.

We look forward to meeting you and getting to know each other.

Sara Cattin

Info projects and artists

CROSS Award is part of CROSS Residence, a residency funded by art. 43 of MiC for the three-year period 2022/2024 thanks to the joint intervention of MiC and Regione Piemonte.

COLLATERALE was conceived together with a team of critics, artists, curators and designers in the context of  CROSS’ action on the Amenese territory (since 2021), in resonance with the Quadriborgo project winner of the PNRR national plan Attrattività dei borghi storici 2022-2026.

The jury of the award composed of Italo Rota, Eva Neklyaeva, Silvia Albanese, Simone Frangi and Guido Tattoni selected the proposals of artists working in the field of multidisciplinary performance practices, with a focus on the production of innovative formats centered on the relationship between corporeity and territory.

Among the fundamental criteria for the selection was the focus on core values such as sensitivity to social justice, sustainability, a critical approach to anthropocentrism, respect for the environment and attention to climate transition.