JTFTN - Jungle Turning Flower Turning Noise

B bordoni e Lemmo
4th of May 2024 – participatory activity

Piazza G. Marconi, Ameno (NO)
From 3PM

BOOKING INFO: info@crossproject.it  / +39 3343441722

All activities are free. To participate we advise you to sign up, we will keep you updated.

Artistic residency 27th of April – 5th of May 2024 – Ameno

JTFTN – Jungle Turing Flower Turning Noise proposes a sensitive cartography of the amenese area that originated from the imaginary and lived experience of its inhabitants. The project as a whole stems from the desire to rethink performative practice from an ethical rather than an aesthetic point of view, as an everyday practice, oscillating between deep inner examination, the dismantling of hierarchical relationships and the conscious positioning of the individual within an environment.
During the residency the artists become explorers and frequenters not only of the paths, woods, sports field, courtyards and parking lots but, more importantly, of the stories, memories and ways of traversing and experiencing space that the people they encounter choose to share with them. Learning the function, life cycle, and affective landscape of others’ environments, of their present or of their memory, is transformed by the artists into body and mind practices. Bodies can transgress intimate and geographical boundaries. In order to empower a collective imagination toward new ways of perceiving the world and relating to others, it is necessary to activate a capacity for observation and listening that makes us, from permeable and fertile, also visionary, meaning capable of being surprised by what we generally take for granted.
For their final restitution, B and Lemmo plan to experiment with creating drawings, words, stories, instructions and whatever else they can bring back to paper in self-produced fanzines.

Concept and creation: B Bordoni and Lemmo | Participatory activity: B Bordoni and Lemmo | With the participation of: Collettivo Mangiafiori.

Lemmo is a composer and sound researcher in the field of electronic and experimental music. Their work explores the possibilities of algorithmic composition in relation and dialogue with acoustic space and as a listening practice, both in the field of sound research and in the multidisciplinary field. They also work as a sound designer for dance, performing and visual arts (among the main collaborations Chiara Bersani, Teatro Valdoca, Margherita Morgantin, Lucia Palladino) and teach electronic music.

B Bordoni combines a university background (sculpture at Brera Academy 2018, theater and performing arts at Iuav of Venice 2021) with a heterogeneous training on movement through attending seminars on butoh dance, contemporary dance and somatic practices and a political self-education that draws from transfeminist ethics. Since 2019, they have been a co-author and performer for the Call Monica collective (Santarcangelo Festival 2021, Venice Guggenheim Museum 2022, Swiss Institute 2022). They are winners of the New Grand Tour for under-30 artists: a residency project supported by Creatività Contemporanea and the Italian Cultural Institute in Paris.
They currently live and work in Turin, where they work as an educator and are involved in sharing workshop practices for the emergence of radical imaginaries and new postures of listening and proximity between bodies.