CROSS Project
Cross Project is a creative center dedicated to contemporary performative languages. Through multiple artistic research activities, it creates parallel opportunities for training, production and promotion in the sphere of performing arts and contemporary dance. CROSS Project promotes experimentation and artistic investigation on the borderline between languages, focusing on projects that prefer interdisciplinarity.
CROSS is a project of the LIS LAB association: it was born in 2014 from an idea of Antonella Cirigliano (direction LIS LAB and CROSS) and Tommaso Sacchi (curator CROSS). The artistic research of LIS LAB is supported and enhanced by CROSS Project, as the main tool for expressing its creative and curating line.

CROSS is committed to the enhancement of the territory: rooted on the shores of Lake Maggiore, in Piedmont, in a highly suggestive landscape context, CROSS Project works within this territory by opening a fertile dialogue between cultural heritage, landscape and performing arts. It promotes the territory through the use of many city spaces, such as the “Il Maggiore” Theater, Casa Elide Ceretti, Villa Giulia, but also private houses, condominiums, streets, squares and neighborhoods, naturalistic spaces, lake, mountains and historic gardens.

It is divided into three main activities: Cross Festival, Cross Residence and Cross Award.

LIS LAB is a creative nest: a group of professionals who for years have been organizing human and site-specific projects in the area of Lake Maggiore and Vergante to let the public experiment with the new languages of the performing arts and dance. Aromas, flavors, stimulations of little-used perceptual channels, are the tools used to compose scenarios, tell stories, animate rituals. With an international network that has been working on these issues for many years, LIS LAB Performing Arts was born in Milan in 1999 and moved its artistic residence on Lake Maggiore in 2011 because it believes in the creative energy released by different places and not directly dedicated to performing art, such as villas and gardens, squares, historic buildings and streets. For many years has mainly carried out a theatrical and artistic research activity through the production and circuiting of shows and installations of the LIS group (Sensory Image Laboratory).