Il Bosco Che Non C'è | Neverwood

Residence, workshop and performance

Production: CROSS Project

Co-production: Perypezye Urbane

In collaboration with NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, Ente di Gestione dei Sacri Monti/Sacro Monte di Orta San Giulio, Nòva

CROSS Residence 2022 Project

Il Bosco che non c’è | Neverwood is a path of research and co-creation that, through the poetic language of performance and dance, aims to address the theme of perception in the relationship with the natural world. The performance sheds light on the natural forces that surround us and invites participants to navigate in an elastic space using their extra-daily sensory perception. The performance/installation has the power of a meditation and the depth of an abyss; it is a path to approach the practices of the body and the spiritual dimension of the human being and the world around us, starting with an accompaniment to individual and collective reflection on the fragility of human existence and climate change. Through sensory exploration, meditation and contemplation of the forest, we experience the world around us and its hidden nature (made of flows, energy and abstract elements).

Concept: Antonella Cirigliano and Angelo Benedetto Cafà

Text and Mantra: Angelo Benedetto Cafà

Video: Stefania Carbonara

Creative technologists and electronic rituals: Riccardo Mantelli

Assistant creative technologists: Soham Das

Sound designer: Guido Tattoni

Assistant sound designer: Natalia Polvani

Live sound research: Paolo De Santis

Performers: Francesca Cinalli, Paolo De Santis, Antonella Cirigliano and Sara Vilardo

Scenes and objects: Giulio Marco Olivero in collaboration with Angelo Benedetto Cafà and Christian Beck

Assistant stage designer: Sabrina Saporiti

Costumes: Lucia Lapolla

Thanks to: Sara Topsoe Jensen, Marialuisa Bafunno

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