SUNDAY 12 MAY 2019
Palazzo Pretorio (outside), Piazza Ranzoni, Verbania Intra
9.00 PM

Vertical dance


Il Posto Vertical Dance + Marco Castelli Small Ensemble
➣ Preview CROSS Festival

For the Festival preview, a site-specific performance for the general public. After four years the company of Wanda Moretti returns with a show that is the synthesis of a reflection on space in all its aspects, an innovative artistic practice in a special combination of dance, music and city.
The passion, the experience, the high technical level of the creations make it possible to conquer portions of buildings, signs and traces also inaccessible, that the vertical writing processes and returns. The show is accompanied by video projections and video mapping that will make the architectural and landscape setting in which they are inserted, even more suggestive.

Concept and choreography: Wanda Moretti
Wall performer: Simona Forlani, Isabel Rossi
Live music for sax and live electronics: Marco Castelli
Costumes: Elettra Del Mistro
Production: Il Posto, Forte Marghera
Duration: 30 min


Il Posto is the first company in Italy specialized in site specific performance on vertical planes.
Born in Venice in 1994, from the collaboration between the choreographer Wanda Moretti and the musician Marco Castelli in order to create vertical shows that combine dance, architecture and music, merging the dramaturgy of the shows to the places where they are represented and inspiring new ideas, reflections and perspectives.
Il Posto Company has participated in numerous international festivals abroad including Singapore Arts Festival, La Defense in Paris, Uniteatro Festival in Brazil and Bangkok International Dance Festival.
The Company is known throughout Italy and has participated in the most important national festivals, including Roma in Scena, Mittelfest, Enel-Centrali Aperte, Primavera Scena Ancona, Volterrateatro, Bolzano Danza and many other cities from Naples to Trieste from Milan to Venice , realizing numerous installations in historical sites such as the Museum of Rome in Piazza Navona, the bell tower of San Marco in Venice, the Museum of Contemporary Art Madre in Naples, the La Fenice Theater in Venice, Tuscolana and many others.