Casa Elide Ceretti, Verbania
10.30 PM

Electronic music


Bienoise / Alberto Ricca

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In 2018, Alberto Ricca published his latest and most courageous work, MOST BEAUTIFUL DESIGN, for the reborn German cult label ‘Mille Plateaux’. It is a mini album of short compositions that exploit the imperfections of mp3 compression, electronic aphorisms between minimalism and low fidelity. The live return expands the times and the spaces, taking advantage of the multichannel diffusion to wrap the public in these sounds unheard, radically digital and yet deeply human.

Ideation and live music: Bienoise / Alberto Ricca

Bienoise / Alberto Ricca

Bienoise is Alberto Ricca,teacher, founder of the radical improvisation label Floating Forest, and electronic musician whose productions are hovering between contemplation and clubbing, with a deep fetish for tools brought to the limit and mash-up between genres.
His latest work, published by the re-founded cult label Mille Plateaux, is ‘Most Beautiful Design’, an album of compositions for mp3 distributed on floppy disk. In 2015 he published the album “Meanwhile, Tomorrow” for White Forest Records, considered by many specialized magazines, one of the best Italian albums of the year. In January 2018, the celebrated Sharawadji III, a techno free-form EP that oscillates between analog and digital sounds, is printed on the Enklav label.
He is the author, with the dancer and choreographer Annamaria Ajmone, of the contemporary dance show “To be banned from Rome”, which debuted at Torinodanza Festival 2017 and has been presented throughout Italy. He is not a DJ.