Villa Giulia, Pallanza
6.00 (1st replica) PM and 7.00 PM (2nd replica)

Sound installation



➣ Visions

A nocturnal Milan, hallucinated, is the setting for a meeting between two strangers. A piece of narrative counterpointed by voice and music, to represent a piece of pulsating city with acidic implications.
Milan. Those years. Marco and David meet in a club in the suburbs. Marco is thirty years old, a job he does not love and a life that he lives only at night. David is a street artist and he only does what he likes. Both are crazy about drugs, which they try in excessive quantities during their meeting in the disco. Marco speaks uninterruptedly, deluding himself that he has finally found a real person, someone who can listen to him, even love him. Perhaps it is only the consolatory effect of the drug. Or maybe not. A person of whom he knows almost nothing, but with whom he feels a harmony that he had never reached with anyone until then. ‘After Party’ is a disenchanted and sometimes lysergic tale, where the thirty are the new teenagers, too busy with themselves – and their own dramas – to realize that they are not alone. A fragment of wrong lives, too close to us to be ignored, and too far away to be able to notice.
The Performance debuted at the Elfo Puccini Theater in Milan, in October 2018.

Text: Simone Bisantino
Sound performance:
Voice: Angelo Di Genio
Directed by: Aldo Cassano
Sound Designer: Antonio Spitaleri
Light Designer: Giuseppe Sordi
Duration: 20 min


Animanera was born in the area of Milanese social commitment and develops an intense artistic research path that leads to shows and performances on burning social themes, following a highly provocative aesthetic line. He pursues the evocative power of images, examines and expresses the opposites, the similarities of diversity, the boundaries of uncertainties. Voted to experimentation and research, with a view to interpreting and acting the political, social and present, through original dramaturges and a multiplicity of languages that draw inspiration from the world of visual arts and new media. Animanera is an ensemble with a strong vocation to artistic mixed-race. It is composed of the founders Aldo Cassano, Natasha Curci, Antonio Spitaleri, Lucia Lapolla, and a series of permanent collaborators.