Teatro Il Maggiore, Verbania
from 7.00 PM

Performance + dance


Sara Marasso

➣ Platform CROSS Residence

The performance is born in urban spaces after a period of residence on the spot and involves citizens in the creative process and wonders precisely on the relationship between the inhabitants and the city in which they live. Three dancers, a musician and a double bass, meet in a town square in the folk district of the city of Verbania. A rendez-vous during which the artists confront and dialogue and at the same time transform the space, postponing a different vision.
The performance will be constructed starting from a dramaturgical fil rouge that will question the multiple dimension of the individual, of the multiple facets that every human being shows in his relationship with the world and the places that surround him, the spaces of the city in which he lives.
Three bodies meet in different spaces of a district of the city, landscapes chosen during a first mapping of space. The same rendez-vous is repeated transforming itself: three bodies that of the dancer, of the musician and of his cumbersome instrument, a double bass, confront each other and dialogue with each other in the space that is re-created in every moment through their relationship.

Project ideation: Sara Marasso e Stefano Risso
Choreography: Sara Marasso
Sound research: Stefano Risso
Videomaker: Arnaud Duchrame
Production: Il Cantiere, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, Lavanderia a Vapore-Centro Regionale piemontese per la danza, Associazione Sumisura-Laboratorio di Barriera
In collaboration with Teatro Bellarte Torino, Galleria d’arte contemporanea Cristiani&co. Torino, Galerie Mazzoli Berlino, Kuehlspot das zuhause fur kunst und musik Berlino
Duration: 20 min

Sara Marasso

From the beginning, her training links the theoretical and practical study of different movement techniques in a search for a contemporary language for dance in close relationship with other forms of artistic expression. The artist emphasizes this approach to creation with the term body-spelling.
Her choreographic creations are presented in numerous national and international contemporary dance and performing arts festivals, such as Festival Torinodanza, Interplay, Les Repérages, Tanzmesse Düsseldorf, Charleroi Dance, Fabrica Festival, FKM Belgrad, Havana Vieja Festival and several other significant projects. international site-specific creation.