Villa Giulia, Pallanza
9.00 PM

Performance + music + theatre + contemporary dance


AjaRiot – Performing Arts Collective

➣ Visions

A cataclysm has devastated the planet; women have disappeared and there is a male oligarchy that creates bio cyborgs with feminine features suited to their sexual pleasure and to the reproduction and generation of only male fetuses. Every fifteen years their bodies are dismantled and reassembled and their minds and memories are reset. One of them has a bug that allows her to remember the memories of her previous life. She doesn’t recognize herself in the new body and starts asking herself questions. Who am I? What am ? A multidisciplinary and trans disciplinary performance that investigates and brings together the themes of Artificial Intelligence with contemporary feminist theories.

Performer: Federica Guarraggi, Isadora Pei, Ester Fogliano, Alessandra Sala
Direction + Visual Art: Isadora Pei
Dramaturgy: Emanuele Policante
Original music: Carlo Valsesia
Organization: Selene D’Agostino, Sara Giorla
Co-production: CROSS Project/Lis Lab e Nordisk Teaterlaboratorium (NTL). The project is carried out with the support of the Compagnia di San Paolo, as part of the ORA Announcement! Productions of Contemporary Culture
Patrocini/Sponsorships: Università degli Studi di Torino – Dipartimento Studi Umanistici, Associazione Italiana per l’Intelligenza Artificiale (AI*IA) e Université Grenoble Alpes – UMR Litt&Arts
Duration: 40 min

AjaRiot – Performing Arts Collective

AjaRiot – Performing Arts Collective born in 2014, is a group of artists, performers, activists, dancers, videomakers, scholars and producers. Research, transdisciplinarity and the theme of self-determination are common themes of interest. Through them they explore the relationship between the body and visual images, expressed with bodily, somatic, plastic, visual, documentary and political practices.