Villa Giulia, Pallanza
10 PM

Contemporary theater + concert


Phoebe Zeitgeist + The Verge of Ruin

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An important national premiere will be presented within the CROSS Festival.
Aspra is a project built on texts and concepts on the verge of audibility and on sound research that detonates the imaginal power of these words.
The image can be that of a process to say, supported or hindered by the sound of three actors who alternate with supporting or refuting unacceptable or politically incorrect positions.
The territory of investigation is the complex and inconvenient thought or the impossibility of reducing certain critical positions to a socially convenient thought. This incompatibility generates a ferocious dialectic that always underlies annihilation.
The artist who puts himself in this position is humanly shattered, but his concept survives awaiting the right time of implementation. Aspra’s research is the embarrassing words of those artists who have been misinterpreted, tagged as fascists, reduced to fools, drug addicts, exiles, marginalized or suicidal while they were still fully alive, as evidenced by their work capable of critical thinking and sublime cosmetics. Simultaneously, the sound research of Aspra aims to embody the relationship that the words of these artists build with reality, from which they are in fact first generated and then renegade, then still absorbed and re-issued. These same dynamics just mentioned also describe the relationship between voice, bodies, instruments, sound. The set of musicians, actors and instruments, analogical and electronic, wants to visualize a system of elements: never a quotation of a scabrous text for the common thought, but the whole system that generates it and reacts to it, the drive, the repulsion, the vibration, the essence of his disorder.
Project winner of the CROSS International Performance Award 2018 and hosted within CROSS Residence 2018.

Freely inspired by the controversial words of
Fassbinder, Bataille, Mishima, Pasolini, Copi

Ideation and direction: Giuseppe Isgrò
with Daniele Fedeli, Francesca Frigoli, Chiara Verzola
and live electro acoustic Stefano De Ponti, Shari DeLorian
Project curatorship: Francesca Marianna Consonni
Music: The Verge of Ruin
Elements of the scene: Marco Lo Verde
Battery and vibraphone sampling: Elia Moretti
Assistant director: Edoardo Barbera
Advice on costumes: Fabrizio Calanna
Image: Danilo Vuolo
Graphics: Ale Zubruc

Phoebe Zeitgeist + The Verge of Ruin

Phoebe Zeitgeist is a theatrical company that research on several artistic languages, based in Milan and founded in 2008. The research of this group, open to elaborations in all fields of contemporary arts, is dedicated to existence, persistence and transformation of every form of power. This investigation is conducted through the work of those artists who have given, through their texts, alarms, complaints and visions that are today the mechanisms of our time. Giuseppe Isgrò, director, Francesca Frigoli, actress and perfomer and Francesca Marianna Consonni, author, are part of this group.
‘The Verge of Ruin’ is a duo composed by Stefano De Ponti and Shari DeLorian, cultured emerging sound artists of the Milan scene.