courtesy Altofest Malta 2018, ph. ©ValentinaQuintano

Casa Elide Ceretti, Verbania
from 10 PM

Performance + music + video


Giselda Ranieri / Anna Serlenga / Rabii Brahim

➣ Platform CROSS Residence

The project is developed at a condominium in the Sassonia district of Verbania, in via Roma. This is a multidisciplinary project that is in dialogue with local communities. HO(ME) wants to start from people and go back to people. The focus of the project is to investigate the concept of home not only as a physical place, but also, and mostly, as a symbolic, iconic and intimate space, in order to underline how this environment is related and connected to an identity process, therefore related to the individual life of the subject.
House, here understood as a locus or a conceptual and imaginary place, but always real. The final project HO(ME) will be a live show whose main languages ​​are dance and theatre with the involvement of compositions in live scoring and a dramaturgical work on images (video mapping/projections). Alongside the theatrical production there are the other two sides of the work: the workshops with citizenship and the collection of materials during the creative process that will give life to a mobile installation connected to the theatrical performance.

A project by: Giselda Ranieri, Anna Serlenga, Rabii Brahim
With: Rabii Brahim e Giselda Ranieri
And with the generous participation of the inhabitants of quartiere Sassonia (Intra, Verbania) : Giovanni Massimo Baffari, Ines Cannata, Gabriella Corsi, Sara Fradusco, Luca Maglio, Giovanni Miele, Claudia Poggia, Giulia Rodari, Livio e Giovanna Serafini.

Video: Alessandro Penta
Assistent: Irene Pipicelli
Direction: Anna Serlenga

Production: Aldes / CORPS CITOYEN con il sostegno di Campo Teatrale
Duration: 20 min

Giselda Ranieri

Giselda Ranieri is a classical and contemporary dancer, specialized in Dance at the DAMS in Bologna with Eugenia Casini Ropa, dance historian. Since 2008 she researches in the field of instant composition, collaborating with the group Takla Improvising Group (winner of the competition ‘Caccia all’Artista’, Piccole Meraviglie, PULSI Festival) and with several musicians (Director and Maestro of Orchestra Enrico Intra, Giovanni Falzone, Filippo Monico, Giancarlo Locatelli, Cristiano Vailati, Sergio Prada, Elia Moretti, Emanuele Parrini). Since 2010, paired with the musician Elia Moretti, she has been performing in various theatrical and museum contexts.
Since 2010 she has been a dancer in the Compagnia ALDES / Roberto Castello and since 2014 she has been co -author in this company.