Villa Olimpia (Restaurant), Verbania
8.00 PM

Dinner + performance


Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale
➣ Preview CROSS Festival

The food and the table always accompany our lives, they are a sign of our well-being and our social relationships, they tell us our desires and our fears. Saga Salsa is a family memory, it is immersed in the daily lives of the lives to read them through the cult of food.
In the charming and evocative setting of Villa Olimpia, in Verbania, around a table, between one course and another, three women, three different generations, a grandmother, a mother and a daughter, talking about their lives.
Three women who put on the table the past and the present in a dinner to taste, but also to see and hear, a dinner in which all the senses are called to participate and where the meal to be consumed is not just about food, but also about emotions, tastes and stories, of fun and joy.

Directed by: Aldo Cassano
Performers: Francesca Albanese, Silvia Baldini, Laura Valli
Dramaturgy: Silvia Baldini
Music consulting: Francesco Picceo
Costumes: Erica Sessa
Production: Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale
Duration: 1 h


Qui e Ora Residenza Teatrale was founded in 2007 on the territory of Bergamo with the project Être – Esperienze Teatrali di Residenza (“Theatrical Experience of Residence”). It consists of artists coming from different experiences but sharing a same poetic vision.
Qui e Ora (“Here and Now”) operates nationally and internationally with production of shows, organization of exhibitions, curating of workshops and theatrical inquiries. It is a production company, works on autographed dramaturgy and loves to compare and collaborate with other artists to give life to their own works: visual artists, writers, dancers, actors, in a mix of languages and visions.