Friday 3 SEPTEMBER 2021 at 5.00 pm
Casa Mirabello – Località Tabarino Mirabello (Ameno)



Lama Michel Rinpoche


➣ Duration 2 hours
➣ Free entrance 

For the second year, Lama Michel will participate in the CROSS Festival with a meeting open to all on the theme of the relationship between Man and the Environment. The presence of a spiritual Master is even more necessary in the light of the social and cultural changes and transformations taking place. Going beyond sectoral boundaries, making the relationship between culture, spirituality and wellbeing more organic is one of the fundamental themes of this new humanism that we are facing.
CROSS Project proposes to carry out research in natural environments, promoting culture and creativity as driving forces for sustainable and socially inclusive models of innovation, capable of producing spaces for dialogue, encounter and comparison that are appropriate for a social fabric that has been severely tested by the experience of the pandemic.
In his speech, Lama Michel will focus on the theme of Man in relation to Nature in an ongoing dialogue that is the basis of ecology.

Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre is managed by Kunpen Lama Gangchen – a non-profit Buddhist religious association associated with the Italian Buddhist Union (Lama Gangchen Foundation for a Culture of Peace). Founded in 1999 by Lama Gangchen Rinpoche, it brings together a community of people who share an interest in spirituality and a life in harmony with nature and promotes various projects aimed at revitalizing villages and rural cultures. The Centre, of Tibetan mahayana and vajrayana Buddhist tradition, welcomes all those who are interested in regenerating and healing the energies of body and mind and developing their human potential.
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