Saturday 12 JUNE 2021 at 7.00
Atelier Casa Ceretti – Verbania


by exvUoto teatro (IT)

CROSS AWARD – project winner of the CROSS International Performance Award 2020

➣ Duration 45’
➣ Ticket 5 € 

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An immersive project that starts from the virtual universe to encourage spectators to regain possession of the physical space of the theatre. In a historical moment in which, after months of live streaming, webinars, video calls, ‘aperizoom’, the definition of reality is wavering and being questioned, it is worth asking ourselves if we will still be able to go out without fearing proximity. NELLA TANA (IN THE DEN) invites spectators to live a total experience, asking them to actively enter, step by step, the show. Here they will meet actors, interact with animated characters and compare themselves with other participants. The story from which the show is based tells of a boy who is locked in his room and doesn’t want to come out. NELLA TANA is a show made up of three appointments: a first one on ZOOM, then a videogame to be played all together and a final live part in the hall. The spectators will be taken on a journey in search of fragments of an unrealised past to build a present made up of real, virtual or concrete relationships.

Written by: Andrea Dellai
Directed by: Tommaso Franchin
With: Ermelinda Nasuto, Andrea Dellai
Physics set design: Fabio Carpene
Digital scenography: Davide Conte
Programming: Stefano Piermatteo
Video: Andrea Santini
Filming: Riccardo Dugato

exvUoto teatro

Was founded in Vicenza in 2012 and began its experimentation in unusual spaces: shop windows and empty spaces. The Love Box wins the call for theatrical residency IDRA 2012. The Love Box – Pink Room wins the prize Assemblaggi provvisori 2015. In 2016 ‘SISTER(s) – Miraggio su strada qualunque’ is selected for the Scenario Award, wins the CURA2016 call for proposals and is hosted at Tramedautore 2018. In 2019 it wins Inscena by Arci. In 2017 the participatory theatre project Mappatura Emotiva is born. In 2019 ‘Un Coniglio, Solo’ was born, unable to debut due to the pandemic, ‘Un Coniglio, solo’ gave birth to the digital project ‘Nella Tana’. Since 2019 exvUoto teatro, organises the family festival ‘Il Giardino di Alice’