Thursday 17 JUNE 2021 at 9.00 p.m. and Friday 18 JUNE at 7.00 p.m.
Atelier Casa Ceretti – Verbania


by Elisa Sbaragli (IT)


➣ Duration 35’
➣ Ticket 10 € 

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Me at the epicentre of the world. I look confidently outwards. Verticality and hierarchy constitute my presence in the body. What happens if I step out of my epicentre and go beyond it?
‘Besides Me’ answers this question by taking a critical look at the relationship between the subject and everything that lies beyond it. With ‘Besides Me’, the body questions its habits, its unique point of view, its own security, in order to go beyond its own core and enter into a relationship with something outside itself. Following a path between the centre and the unknown, in ‘Besides Me’ we investigate the way from a unitary body to a rhizomatic, horizontal and a-hierarchical body. Breaking habits and physical structures, other paths, lives, situations and a multiplicity of bodies appear in space.
I leave my centre to be with others. I go beyond myself to be with what is with me.

A project by: Elisa Sbaragli
With: Sissj Bassani
Music: Elia Anelli, Alberto Ricca, Edoardo Sansonne
Light design and interaction: Fabio Brusadin
Costumes: Tosca Giraldo
A production: DANCEME (PERYPEZYE URBANE) with the support of MiBact, DanceMe UP with the support of the Creative Europe program of the European Union | with the support of Next – Laboratorio of ideas for the production and distribution of live performances in Lombardy – Edition 2020

Elisa Sbaragli

Dancer and Choreographer. Graduated in 2013 from the Biennium of Professional Training for the Contemporary Dancer, at the CIMD. In 2017, she concluded the training course ‘Azione per una rete stabile di insegnamento sul territorio toscano’ (Sosta Palmizi). Since 2017 her works, presented in various dance festivals, are produced by DanceMe (Perypezye Urbane) with the support of MiBact and the Creative Europe programme within the DanceMe UP project: BESIDES ME (2020) VACUO (2019); CAMBIA-MENTI (2018); ATTRAVERSO (2017). In 2016 she made her début with her first work IN BETWEEN thanks to the support of La Mejana and Compañia Ana Continente Danza.