Saturday 12 JUNE 2021 ore 9.00 p.m.
Teatro Il Maggiore | Sala Teatro – Verbania



In collaboration with Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo

➣ Duration 90’
➣ Ticket 15 € 

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Perpendicolare like the power of the gesture, like the deep desire for relationship.
Songs that resonate in bodies. Movements that blossom from words and sounds. “Perpendicular” is a fascinating and natural graft between the musical world of Cristina Donà and the dance of choreographer Daniele Ninarello, shaped and sewn together by musician and composer Saverio Lanza. An encounter that moves towards deep expressive territories investigating unusual multidisciplinary directions and unexpected weaves of meaning. Unpublished material created specifically for the show and some of the singer-songwriter’s best-known songs open up in the performance space like a vision that runs right under the listener’s skin.

“An exciting collaboration” – says Cristina Donà – “the one born with Daniele Ninarello in January 2020, which finally fulfils a latent desire, travelling in my thoughts for years, to investigate that physicality within the impalpable essence of music. The dialogue between my songs and Daniele’s dance produced new fruits even during the days of the lockdown: the clip Silent Protest #1 – – inspired by the “Silent Protests” danced by Daniele during the quarantine, is the proof. For the occasion I wrote new words, stimulated by his body alphabet, words that Saverio framed in music. The performance will be based on a conversation between their respective territories and will mix already published pieces with new material. It will be a journey that the body takes through its infinite possibilities of expression.. In this new exploration, we will stubbornly and persistently insist on restarting our senses, which have been suddenly deprived of contact with others and with the world”.
“Perpendicular’ is a dream come true,’ explains Daniele Ninarello. ‘I have been following Cristina since her early days, and it is surprising to discover together how the two worlds of music and dance are deeply connected. Her words resonate in me with such an urgency that they shake my body and spontaneously suggest a dance”.
“The flow of a voice and a dancing body is never repeated in the same way and therefore cannot be programmed,’ says Saverio Lanza. “This is why the musical component must be open, ready to receive and suggest. Instant composition, an important part of my work in general, was therefore the right approach for this project because it involves listening to the other, making oneself permeable to the other in order to complete oneself. Everything is played out on balances and imbalances, pauses and dissonances, rhythm and rarefaction, sudden and unexpected synchronies – through mutual listening, which is therefore the right key to writing and reading our work”.

A production of: Fondazione Fabbrica Europa and Codeduomo
In co-production with: Festival Danza Estate / Orlando Festival – Operaestate Festival Veneto
In collaboration with: Festival Aperto – Reggio Emilia
Realised in residence at: Teatri di Vita as part of the programme Artists in the Territories of the Emilia-Romagna Region, at PARC – Performing Arts Research Centre of Florence and with the support of CSC of Bassano del Grappa.
Dramaturgical consulting: Gaia Clotilde Chernetich
Movement coach: Elena Giannotti

Cristina Donà

One of the most original voices on the Italian music scene, she started out in the early 1990s. Always able to renew herself, she became first a reference point, then an inspirational figure for the new generations of Italian musicians. Thanks to the first performances that made her known for her unique voice, she was pointed out to Manuel Agnelli of Afterhours, with whom she began the collaboration that led to her debut album “Tregua” (1997), which he produced with the involvement of leading musicians from the new Italian music scene of the time. At the concert where she won the “Max Generation” festival, she met Robert Wyatt, who voted “Tregua” among his five favourite albums for the influential British monthly magazine “Mojo”. Once the first national tour was over, Cristina completed the material that would go on to compose the album “Nido” (1999), where there were important collaborations (Mauro Pagani, Morgan, Marco Parente and again Agnelli’s production) sealed by the “great magic man” Robert Wyatt who intervened in one of Cristina’s most beloved songs: “Goccia”.
After many successes photographed by six record works, a long period of work and introspective exploration led Cristina to release in the autumn of 2014 “Così Vicini”, an album composed of ten songs written together with Saverio Lanza, who also signs the artistic production, and in which the song “Perpendicolare” is featured.

Daniele Ninarello

After attending RDA, he danced with choreographers and internationally renowned musicians and composers. Since 2007, he has presented his creations in various national and international festivals. Since 2010, his productions have been part of the Anticorpi XL network in Italy and abroad thanks to the Les Repérages and Dance Roads projects. Kudoku, created together with musician Dan Kinzelman, premiered at Biennale Danza 10, and is among the projects selected for AEROWAVES TWENTY17, NID Platform and Rencontres Chorégraphiques Seine-Saint-Denis France. STILL, the new production, won the 2016 Prospettiva Danza Prize. The broader project “STILL Body Experience with Digital Brain” is among the winners of the Compagnia di San Paolo’s “ORA! contemporary languages _ innovative productions” call for proposals.

Saverio Lanza

Studied composition at the Conservatory of Florence with Maestro Carlo Prosperi, where he graduated in Orchestra Direction and Band Instrumentation.
He works in a musical sphere that straddles research music and songwriting, both as a producer and as an author: Cristina Donà, with whom he received the Tenco Prize in 2015, Bugo, PGR, Sarah Jane Morris, Vasco Rossi, Piero Pelù, Irene Grandi & Stefano Bollani. As a solo artist, he has recorded two albums: ‘Ce l’hai una sigaretta?’ and ‘Madrelingua’.
He has been orchestra director several times at the Sanremo Festival.
In 2005, together with his photographer brother Marco, he founded the PASTIS project, a project that straddles photography, video and music, with which he has participated in various international competitions and exhibitions.
In 2009 Pastis won the Ciampi Prize in the L’Altrarte section.
In 2011 they were invited to screen some of their works at Tribeca Cinema in New York.
In 2018 “Lungoviaggio” is released, a visual album signed by Pastis and Irene Grandi, thanks to which they receive the “Musica da Bere” plate.