Saturday 12 JUNE 2021 at 6.00 p.m. – Meeting point Casa Ceretti 5.30 p.m.
District Sassonia – Verbania

PERSPECTIVA, vedere attraverso


CROSS AWARD – Project winner of the CROSS International Performance Award 2020

➣ Duration 35’
➣ Ticket 5 € 

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Dance arrives on the doorstep. Bodies pierce the urban fabric, run through it and move through the streets of the city. Adapting or opposing themselves to the urban space, the performers become explorers and re-map the neighbourhoods of the city, changing spaces, heights, distances, to the point of subverting the usual functions of the places they pass through; their movements enter the private perspectives of the people who observe them through the windows, doors and balconies of their homes. Dance becomes an instrument of union between outside and inside in a game of vertical perspectives that accumulate, where the bodies trace a path able to create unusual connections and to bring the choreographic narration from house to house, from one window to another.

An AZIONE FUORI POSTO by: Filippo Porro and Silvia Dezulian
With: Francesca Bertolini, Silvia Dezulian, Lucrezia Gabrieli, Luca Ghedini, Lorenzo Morandini, Serena Pedrotti, Filippo Porro, Alice Raffaelli
Editing audio: Luca Vianini
Speaker radio: Anahì Traversiuna
Visual artist: Martina Dal Brollo
Co-production: Oriente Occidente


Was born in Trento in 2019 from the collaboration between the dancers Silvia Dezulian and FIlippo Porro and the visual artist Martina Dal Brollo, with the aim of bringing together some professionals in the area and cultivating different aspects of artistic research. It is a multidisciplinary artistic collective that works in the field of dance, visual art and technology, through projects and performative actions able to relate to the places and people who live in them.