Saturday 26 JUNE 2021 at 7.00 p.m and 8.30 p.m.
Ex fabbrica FARO Via dei Mille, Omegna (Verbania)


by Alberto Ricca Elisa Sbaragli (IT)


➣ Duration 45’
➣ Ticket 10 € 

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INDUSTRIAL SOUNDSCAPE combines dance, sound design and video art to abstractly evoke the industrial past that has defined the geography and lives of the VCO. The instrument chosen is sampling: of visible remains, archival findings, sounds, movements, stories. A conductor leads an audiovisual computer orchestra, influenced by the dancers; these embody objects and rituals, describe spaces, and activate connections of history with the present.
The performance of INDUSTRIAL SOUNDSCAPE debuts in the industrial relevance of the former NUOVA FARO, where the foundry was moved in 1960 and the production of plastic toys was started. The performance will reopen its doors, immersing the public in its intense working history and celebrating its identity.

A project by: Alberto Ricca and Elisa Sbaragli
From an idea by: Andrea Ruschetti
With: Sissj Bassani, Fabio Brusadin, Alberto Ricca, Elisa Sbaragli
Choreography and dance: Sissj Bassani and Elisa Sbaragli
Musical direction: Alberto Ricca
Video and image processing: Fabio Brusadin
Production: DanceMe (Perypezye Urbane)
Co-production: Cross Project
With the support of: MiC and Fondazione Cariplo

Industrial Soundscape was born in Omegna, home of the household goods district made famous by companies such as Alessi and Bialetti, from an idea of Andrea Ruschetti, founder of the Mastronauta cultural centre. Since 2017, the project has generated workshops, exhibitions, sound walks and live performances. Its authors are Elisa Sbaragli, choreographer, and Alberto Ricca, musician, joined by Sissj Bassani, dancer, Fabio Brusadin, visual and interaction designer, and an orchestra that improvises electronic music with their computers.

6:00 p.m. Inauguration of the exhibition PREMIATA FONDERIA F.A.R.O. (1945-1960)
Archive F.A.R.O. w/Industrial Soundscape
at Mastronauta – vicolo Strona 8 – Omegna | free entrance