Friday 18 JUNE 2021 at 9.00 p.m.
Teatro Il Maggiore, Sala Blu – Verbania


by Irene Russolillo (IT)

In collaboration with Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo

➣ Duration 30’
➣ Ticket 10 € 

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A performance made of sound, body and images that celebrates simple and important aspects of living together: the relationship of a community with History, work and nature. It is the result of a creative process shared with spontaneous and traditional singers from the host areas. The music plays a kind of median role, between our present and the history of these people and places, and constitutes the point of origin of the choreographic creation. / Aware that words such as tradition, identity, community can be misunderstood, the question that triggers the process is: are we willing to deal with Tradition, to (let) transform these elements of our identity, so that they are again and again in relation with the world around us? ‘dov’è più profondo’ (‘where it is deepest’) takes up this question with all possible delicacy and, in relating to this rich, ambiguous and stratified matter, builds a scenic proposal that also dialogues with those whose urban history is different and distant from the landscapes they cross: marginal and minority (cultural) geographies.

Project and performance: Irene Russolillo
Sound creation: Edoardo Sansonne|Kawabate
Assistance and care: Irene Pipicelli
Sound sources: Archivio Sonoro Cantar Storie edited by Luca and Loris Bonavia
Visual sources: Walser Cultura and Archivio BREL
The project is realised by :Irene Russolillo with Ass. Cult. VAN in the framework of the CROSS Award 2019 / Verbania
with the support in residence of the Teatro della Cittadella in Aosta
with the support of the Ministry of Culture and the Emilia-Romagna Region
Acknowledgements: Alma Baruffaldi, Stefania Bonin, Elisabetta Berra, Corrado Cattano, Paola Maestrini, Rudy Mehr, Enrico Montanari, Owie Osaigbokan, Manuela Parodi, Paola Rodolfo, Luisella Ronc, Maria Storto, Valentina Volonté e di tutti i rappresentanti della comunità Walser incontrati nella Valle del Lys

Irene Russolillo

Dancer and choreographer. Among her first experiences as a dancer was with Micha Van Hoecke. She has collaborated with Roberto Castello, Abbondanza|Bertoni and many others. Her first creations are the solos Strascichi, A loan and The Speech (directed by Lisi Estaras) She made This is your skin, and choreographed for Mirrors as part of Italia Culture Africa 2019. He received support from ALDES and Anticorpi XL. Equilibrio Roma Award and Masdanza Award (2014), Prospettiva Danza Award (2015). Selected for Le promesse dell’Arte by the IIC in Paris (2016) Associate artist of the Oriente Occidente Festival (2017/2018). Cross Award (2019) Her projects have been selected by the Crossing the sea and Crisol creative processes networks. She is part of the cultural association VAN.