Saturday 18 July 2020 5.00 pm (1st show) 7.00 pm (2nd show)
From RONCO (Fraction of Ghiffa – VB) to SACRO MONTE SS. TRINITY

In collaboration with Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo

Collettivo AZIONI fuori POSTO

➣ Duration 40’ for show | Max 30 spectators per show | Single ticket 10 € | Free entry under 12
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Winner of  DANZA URBANA XL 2020

Oltrepassare is a site-specific action that combines dance, sculpture and sound, inspired by the relationship between man and mountain and by the mountaineering enterprises faced to cross a border. Two bodies in relation to each other investigate the climb with the help of sound sculptures that, worn as two unusual backpacks, attract the public and passers-by to accompany them along the way. Through a score of movements, sounds and words, the crossing proposes a physical, aesthetic and emotional experience of the landscape that surrounds us and attempts to tell the story of a daily encroachment.

By: Silvia Dezulian, Filippo Porro, Martina Dal Brollo, Gabriel Garcia
Dance: Silvia Dezulian, Filippo Porro
Sound sculptures: Martina Dal Brollo
Technical and 3D model support: Gabriel Garcia

With the support of the Festival of Contemporary Resistance of Trento and Bolzano, Pergine Spettacolo Aperto, ass PluralDanza.
Winner of the PAG Prize Pergine Arte Giovane 2019. Winner Danza Urbana XL 2020.

AZIONI fuori POSTO is an informal group that was founded in Trento in 2017. Its intent is to cultivate and coexist different areas of research such as theatre, dance, music, visual art and technology through the body, sound, word and image. It proposes interdisciplinary artistic actions capable of suggesting unusual perspectives, identities and temporary architectures, which can offer places a different functionality from the one they usually assume. Filippo Porro, dancer/actor, Silvia Dezulian, dancer/stage designer, Martina DalBrollo, visual artist, Gabriel Garcia, electronic engineer, collaborate. In 2016 Arborea kids wins the CALL ACTION call for MUSE, in 2018 Oltrepassare is hosted at the Festival delle Resistenze in Trento. In 2019 the project SHARING TN, Oltrepassare wins PAG. Pergine Arte Giovane.