Saturday 26 September 2020 from 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm
Villa GIULIA – Pallanza VB
In collaboration with LETTERALTURA


➣ Duration 10’ – for 15 spectators at a time – booking required

Stories of different loves, of passions, of burning, overwhelming, total desires. Loves that flow on the thin red line that separates life and death, eros and violence, self-consciousness and confusion. A “journey” through artistic and literary experiences, where love is probed in its most secret folds: from obsession to jealousy, from abandonment to satisfaction of the senses, from distance to physical contact, from imagination to concreteness, through sublime and evocative words, sometimes painful and sometimes ironic. Because eternal are the verses, not love. A forbidden world. A point of no return. A dreamlike journey that allows you to enter into intimate contact with the mythical characters of 20th century literature. From the words, intimately listened to, reify ghosts loved or feared, overwhelmed and overwhelming, of that desire that does not easily find a chance to be lived and told.

Concept and Direction: Aldo Cassano
Actors: Shirin Aliyeva, Giorgia Coco, Julia Reali, William Lecis, Luca Mannucci
Dramaturg: Aldo Cassano, Antonio Spitaleri
Costumes: Lucia Lapolla
Scenography: Lucia Lapolla
Light: Beppe Sordi
Audio Processing: Antonio Spitaleri

Animanera was born in the area of social commitment in Milan and develops an intense path of artistic research that leads to shows and performances on burning social issues, following a provocative aesthetic line. It pursues the evocative power of images, examines and expresses the opposites, the similarities of differences, the boundaries of uncertainties. It is an ensemble with a strong vocation for artistic crossbreeding. Voted to experimentation and research, with a view to interpret and act the political, the social and the present, through original dramaturgies and a multiplicity of languages that draw inspiration from the world of visual arts and new media. It is made up of the founders Aldo Cassano, Natascia Curci, Antonio Spitaleri, Lucia Lapolla, and a series of stable collaborators, a consolidated network of professionals that constitutes a precious resource for the company.