Thursday 9 July 2020 10.30 pm
Il Maggiore Theatre | VERBANIA

In collaboration with Fondazione Teatro Il Maggiore

Salvo Lombardo | Chiasma

PERFORMANCE + Vj / Dj set : OB (aka Daniele Spanò)
➣ Duration 30’ + Dj set to follow ➣ Buy your ticket online


The Outdoor dance floor performance by Salvo Lombardo | Chiasma is designed as a dance platform for spaces not dedicated to clubbing, through which the dance floor space is reinterpreted both in theatrical and unconventional spaces such as museums, exhibition spaces, foyers, commercial premises, urban spaces. Already in its previous works the Chiasma group has identified the physical space of the music club and club culture as a hybrid dimension in which dance and music become a territory of liberation of bodies and an opportunity for the affirmation of a “politics” of the body that transcends social and gender conventions. The performers Daria Greco and Salvo Lombardo, weave the points of a choreographic action based on a series of imitable movement sequences and supported by the relationship with the musical, sound and visual pulsation of a multimedia live set, where rougher sounds with a digital and industrial patina meet the aesthetics of techno music to open up to synt pop, tropical, R&B and symphonic grafts.

Concept, choreography and direction: Salvo Lombardo
Performance: Daria Greco e Salvo Lombardo
Video: Daniele Spanò
Lights: Lorenzo Anzuini
Vj / Dj set: OB (aka Daniele Spanò) Lights: Lorenzo Anzuini

Production Chiasma, Roma with the support of MiBAC – Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities in collaboration with
Fondazione Romaeuropa


performer, choreographer and director. Over the years he has deepened the interstices between dance, theatre and visual arts. He is involved in the realization of actions and artefacts in the performing and artistic field together with his working group Chiasma, recognized by MIBACT as a Dance Production Body “Under 35”;. Until 2015 he was co-founder and director of
Clinica Mammut. In 2015-2016 he was choreographer resident in Anghiari Dance Hub. In 2017 he is guest choreographer at the
company Aura Dance Theatre in Kaunas (LIT) for which he creates the performance Twister in co-production with the Festival
Fabbrica Europa and starts his collaboration with the Festival Oriente Occidente. In 2018 he wins the contest of Choreographic
Residencies Laundry in Steam 3. 0 of Piemonte dal Vivo and works on the project ‘L’;esemplare capovolto’; He is currently involved in the creation project ‘Bodies Moemories’ that he will develop for the company Attakkalari Dance Company of Bangalore (India), as part of the project Crossing the sea realized by a partner between Italy, Asia and the Middle East, with the support of the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities as part of the call for proposals Boarding Pass Plus.