Thursday 30 July 2020 from 6.00 pm to 10.00 pm
Casa CERETTI Via Roma 42 – Pallanza VB

Alberto Ricca e Elisa Sbaragli

➣ Duration 20′ per loop | free admission | Max 20 people at a time

Industrial Soundscape is the construction of a sound and visual landscape that evokes the very high industrial density past of many Italian territories. The materials derive from the sampling of sounds, movements, figures and rituals of local industriousness, transformed into the performance through dance, electronic improvisation and video-art. The installation proposed by the artists who curate this project continues and enriches its ambition, immersing the spectator in an experience of renewed attention to the energy of the industrial landscape, from suffocating everyday banality to performative abstraction. A re-enactment played so much in positive, with tangible sensations and proposals of perception of the body and the environment, that in negative, making imagine what is no longer there.

A project by: Alberto Ricca e Elisa Sbaragli
With: Sissj Bassani, Alberto Ricca, Elisa Sbaragli
Music direction: Alberto Ricca
Choreography: Sissj Bassani e Elisa Sbaragli
Video and image processing: Fabio Brusadin
From an idea by: Andrea Ruschetti
Special Mention CROSS International Performance Award 2019

Alberto Ricca is a teacher, founder of the radical improvisation label Floating Forest, and electronic musician whose productions hover between contemplation and clubbing, with a deep fetish for instruments taken to the limit and mash-ups between genres. He is the author, with dancer and choreographer Annamaria Ajmone, of the contemporary dance show TO BE BANNED FROM ROME, which debuted at the Torinodanza Festival. Elisa Sbaragli is dancer, choreographer and teacher. She graduated at the CIMD – International Centre of Movement and Dance, under the artistic direction of Franca Ferrari. Since 2015 she has been writing and interpreting her creations. In 2019 she works on the new creation Vacuo that debuts in November 2019 at the Festival Più che Danza in Milan (MI).