Tuesday 14 July 2020 8.30 pm
QUARTIERE SASSONIA – Meeting point: Caffetteria Casa Ceretti Via Roma 42 – Intra,Verbania

Giselda Ranieri, Anna Serlenga, Rabii Brahim
HO(ME)_project Verbania #2 / Walking Sassonia

➣ Duration (walk + performance): 1.30 | Max 30 spectators | Single ticket 10 € | Free entry under 12
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HO(ME)_project is a multidisciplinary project that dialogues with the local communities of the different spaces it hosts. It investigates the concept of home not only as a physical place, but also as a symbolic, iconic and intimate place and how this is related to an identity process, therefore relative to the subject. HO(ME) returns to the Saxony district, which welcomed us in the 2019 edition, telling us its story. HO(ME)_project Verbania #2 is a collective walk, a path that winds through the streets and stories of the neighborhood. A sound dramaturgy to discover a new cartography of the territory. An interactive performance between urban video projections and participatory actions to discover, one year later, how
and if the concept of home has changed, and what traces and what traces the quarantine experience has left behind.

A project by: Giselda Ranieri, Anna Serlenga, Rabii Brahim |
With: Rabii Brahim e Giselda Ranieri
Choreographer: Giselda Ranieri
Director: Anna Serlenga
Video: Alessandro Penta

Giselda Ranieri is a dancer of classical and contemporary education. Since 2008 she has been researching in the field of instant composition collaborating with the Takla Improvising Group and several musicians. Since 2010 she has been a dancer in the company ALDES/Roberto Castello and since 2014 she is an associate author of the same. Anna Serlenga deals with theatrical and performative practice and theoretical research. Doctor of Cultural Studies (University of Palermo), she is dedicated to theatrical direction for which she has been selected for national awards (Kantor Award 2010, CRT, Milan, Premio Scenario, semifinalists, 2013). Rabii Brahim, graduated from ISAD (Institut Supérieur d’Art Dramatique de Tunis), is a professional actor in several productions. In 2014 he founded COLLECTIF CORPS CITOYEN, a multidisciplinary collective of artists, composed of young
professionals in the field of theatre and art. Alessandro Penta deals with narrative documentary and use of video in educational paths. In recent years he has focused on the production of collective films. He has collaborated with social realities such as Olinda Onlus and Asnada – Experimental school of Italian for foreigners. He has worked with numerous theatre companies, in particular with the Teatro delle Albe in Ravenna. In 2018 he made for Fondazione Feltrinelli a collective film shot with smartphones together with 20 teenagers in Milan.