Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 July 2020  7.00 pm
From CAVANDONE to MONTEROSSO – Meeting point: Circolo SOMS

AjaRiot + Riciclette
CURA Performance in Nature, sounds and visions for a collective ritual

➣ Duration ( return walk + performance): 2.30 h | Max 30 spectators | Single ticket 10 € | Free entry under 12 ➣ Buy your ticket online

Recommended trekking shoes and torch for return at night.
Possibility to have dinner at Circolo SOMS for € 12 – for reservation 3384503416


The itinerant sound performance CURA comes from the listening to the natural space, a living and inclusive space that turns on and connects. The audience, immersed in the acoustics of the place, will meet the songs and actions of the performer musicians nourished by the beauty and poetic energy of the landscape; the spectators will be welcomed in the stops by visions of presences and creatures from the Earth, poems and myths in harmony with the natural elements of the territory. A path made of whispers, caresses, embroideries of wind and leaves, scents of earth and wefts of roots, transparencies of water and sparks of light. The walk will lead the public to a final collective ritual in which they will be invited to participate.

With: Riciclette (Federica Guarragi, Francesca Pollastro, Anna Santoro, Giulia Santoro, Daniela Tucci)
Direction: AjaRiot – Performing Arts Collective (Isadora Pei)

AjaRiot – Performing Arts Collective born in 2014, is a group of female artists, performers, activists, dancers, video makers, researchers and organizers. Research, transdisciplinary and the theme of self-determination are common themes of interest. Through them, they explore the relationship between body and visual images and their research feeds on bodily, somatic, plastic, visual, documentary and political practices. Riciclette is a musical group born in 2015 from the desire to interpret and rearrange songs from the south of the world, with the intent to keep alive the ancient and authentic pulse of popular music. They start to perform between Lake Orta and Lake Maggiore, in the province of Novara, in Piedmont, where they live. They come from the south of Italy, all self-taught, they experiment, recycle and give the group different musical tastes, timbres and colours.