Thursday 6 August 2020 at 9.15 pm
P. Ceretti Civic Library Park – Via Vittorio Veneto 138 – Verbania

In collaboration with Biblioteca Civica P.Ceretti Allegro Brio and Associazione 21Marzo

Franco Arminio

➣ Free admission

The matter of internal areas is the matter of needs and meaning. What does the man of 2020 need? And what meaning can he give to his life? These are questions that everyone asks themselves, wherever they live. But in inland areas – in the countryside, in small hill or mountain villages, in sparsely inhabited quarters – you are forced to give an answer, unlike in the city, where noise and chaos help to become dazed, distracted, to feel an illusory and temporary feeling of satiety.

With: Franco Arminio

Franco Arminio was born and lives in Bisaccia, in Irpinia d’Oriente. He has published many books, which have reached tens of thousands of readers. For years he has travelled and written, in search of wonder and in defense of small places; he is the inspiration and point of reference for many actions against the depopulation of internal Italy. He conceived and carries on the Casa della paesologia in Bisaccia and the festival “La luna e i calanchi” in Aliano.