Thursday 6 August 2020 at 5.30 pm
From Suna to Fondotoce – meeting point at Suna landing stage – via Troubetzkoy 9 – Verbania

In collaboration with Biblioteca Civica P.Ceretti Allegro Brio and Associazione 21Marzo

Franco Arminio

➣ Duration: about 2 hours | free admission | Max 20 people at a time | reservations required +39 3336178053

The paesology, defective science founded by the poet Franco Arminio is a combination of “art of observation, disenchanted reflection, obstinate residence and flânerie, of human and civil passion and compassion”. Passing through some villages and suburbs of the municipality of Verbania, the walk begins near the Suna landing stage in front of the lake, crosses the village to take the A00 (A00) mule track that goes up the Monterosso. Arriving at the Church of the Nativity, where there is the majestic centuries-old Tasso, continue to Cavandone. After visiting the village, take the path (A00e/g) for the descent from Monterosso, this time in the direction of Fondotoce, to finally reach the village square.

With: Franco Arminio

Franco Arminio was born and lives in Bisaccia, in Irpinia d’Oriente. He has published many books, which have reached tens of thousands of readers. For years he has travelled and written, in search of wonder and in defense of small places; he is the inspiration and point of reference for many actions against the depopulation of internal Italy. He conceived and carries on the Casa della paesologia in Bisaccia and the festival “La luna e i calanchi” in Aliano.