Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September 2020 6.00 pm
Villa TARANTO – Pallanza VB
In collaboration with Editoria & Giardini e Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo

Tecnologia Filosofica

➣ Duration 1.00 h | Max 30 spectators | Single ticket 10 € | Free entry under 12 ➣ Buy your ticket online

Sinfonia H2O is a creation dedicated to the element water, precious resource of life and visions: cosmos, memory, landscape and finally body. A symphony between dance, sound and visual arts to reflect on the drying up of our time…
When you look at water, you look at the whole of humanity. An archipelago of paths and artistic actions united under a single common denominator: the drop of water, precious water to sip, water not to be wasted in the sea of global change. In a relationship of proximity and reflection with the public, sounds, movements and words emerge in a cascade that seem to give voice to the scientist among objects designed and created ad hoc. Sinfonia H2O for Walk CROSS is a site-specific itinerary through the beauty of the lake landscape. An archipelago of actions, between dance, sound and installation, in a relationship of “reflected proximity” with the public: in the era of global change a sensory awakening to nourish the imaginary and the evocative space that water has always let emerge.

A project by: Francesca Cinalli, Paolo de Santis
Performers: Francesca Cinalli, Paolo De Santis, Aldo Torta
Live soundscapes: Paolo De Santis
Video artists: Mirko Ingrao and Giuseppe Saccotelli
Stage assistant: Margherita Fantini

Production: Tecnologia Filosofica | Co_Production: Lis Lab Performing Art | Cross Project
With the support of: Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo | Choreographic Residences: Laundry in Vapore 2019
Crossing The Sea 2019 | Marche Teatro in collaboration with Shanghai International Dance Center

Tecnologia Filosofica has been working in Turin since 2000 with an intense activity of training of the public and a kaleidoscopic artistic production. The experience of creativity is cultivated in the different paths proposed by the artists of the collective, united by a poetic and sensitive approach. They also operate an intense action disseminated throughout the territory with the realization of interventions aimed at social cohesion, as well as bringing the public closer to the practices of the body. The work of the group has also been disseminated abroad thanks to the collaboration with the Theatre Durance of Château Arnoux, the participation at the Festival of Avignon in Les Hivernales, and the numerous tours carried out between 2010 and 2015 between Belgium, France, Germany, Brazil, Cuba, USA, Indonesia, China.