Monday 1 May 2023

Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre – Bee (VB)

Alberi Maestri

Campsirago Residenza (IT)



3:30 p.m.


Into the woods, meeting point in front of the Temple

Free entry, reservation required | + 39 3518081786 | | +39 (0)323569601 |

Alberi Maestri is an itinerant and experiential performance in which words, sound, walking, crossing, installations and contact lead to the discovery of the world of trees and plants, the principle and metaphor of life itself. A journey of encounter with the plant world, with its complexity and its incredible capacity to analyse and resolve complex situations, acting in a network. Guided by a performer, the audience will live an intense sound, poetic and visual experience that will lead them towards an empathic and emotional awareness of the community of plants and trees. A journey, collective and individual at the same time, across the threshold where the human and arboreal universes meet; towards real and ideal places where nature has reclaimed its space.

Space composition: Michele Losi | Dramaturgy: Sofia Bolognini, Michele Losi | Sound: Luca Maria Baldini, Diego Dioguardi | Performing (alternating): Liliana Benini, Sofia Bolognini, Noemi Bresciani, Michele Losi, Stefano Pirovano, Benedetta Brambilla, Sara Milani, Marialice Tagliavini | A project by: Pleiadi, Campsirago Residenza | In collaboration with The International Academy for Natural Arts (NL)

Campsirago Residency is a center for research and production of performing arts in the landscape and children’s theater. Starting from theater, it explores contemporary languages and the relationship between artist, spectator and landscape, focusing increasingly in the field of immersive (urban and natural) and site-specific theater, performing art and multidisciplinary experimentation. The relationship with nature and the contamination between theater, dance, music, poetry and, in recent years, also new technologies, are the soul of the artistic work of the residency, alongside the research and production of works of children’s theater and, in particular, for very early childhood. The residency organizes Il Giardino delle Esperidi Festival, now in its 18th edition in 2022, and also holds training courses aimed at professionals and schools, promoting international research projects, including the European project RADIUS. With the Campsirago Luogo d’Arte project, it inaugurates a new course for the transformation and redevelopment of the ancient village of Campsirago, nestled in the woods of Mount Brianza, into a place dedicated to art, live performance, training and cultural promotion.

The performance includes a walk into the woods of 90 minuti duration on a uneven ground; therefore, it’s not suitable for those who have motor disabilities and for children under the age of 7.