Artists’ Residence from 16.02 to 05.03.2023

Performances 03 and 04.03.2023

Museo Tornielli – Ameno


Tecnologia Filosofica (IT)


7 p.m.


Free entry

‘Eco del Mondo’ is a performance between theatre, dance, sound and visual art. On the backdrop of the turmoil of the square, amidst the voices and sounds of the square, in the echo of the square, a Harlequin will take the stage, but who, revised and corrected to the present day, does not present himself to the public in his sparkling and buoyant version, but rather as a resigned and reflective silhouette. Taking a cue from Pablo Picasso’s painting “Harlequin in the Mirror”, the physical possibilities and postures of the character imprinted in Picasso’s canvas will be explored, in an attempt to bring him out of the canvas to reflect on the condition of us humans before the crossroads of life. To revive Harlequin “one and triune” there will be a dancer, a puppet and a marionette player who will dialogue with the soundscape and with the remains of an imaginary metaphysical city in an attempt to reassemble the pieces.

ECO DEL MONDO di Francesca Cinalli e Paolo De Santis | Performer: Francesca Cinalli, Amalia Franco, Paolo De Santis | Paesaggi sonori: Paolo De Santis | Drammaturgia: Ornella D’Agostino | Oggetti di scena e costumi: Francesca Cinalli | Piano luci: Andrea Sangiorgi | Video mapping e visual art: Filippo Maria Pontiggia | Marionetta realizzata da: Amalia Franco | Oggetti animati realizzati da: Gianluca Vigone | Produzione: Tecnologia Filosofica | Traiettoria di ricerca: Il Corpo Rituale | Progetto selezionato dal Bando CURA con il sostegno di Officine CAOS/Residenza Arte Transitiva, Cross Project, Teatri di Vita | Attraversamenti in residenza con Lavanderia a Vapore Residenze Coreografiche, Workspace RicercaX, Verso Sud Ecosistema Culturale, Frontdoc/CittadelladeiGiovaniAosta, Carovana S.M.I. | Tecnologia Filosofica ringrazia Andrea Coppone, Pietro Barbanente, Ornella Bavaro, Simona Sala.

Tecnologia Filosofica is a community of artists between research and interdisciplinary contamination of languages on the borders between dance and theater with a special fondness for body work in a dimension of theater conceived as a total act. The experience of creativity is cultivated in the different authorial paths proposed by the artists of the collective traceable in its kaleidoscopic production, united by a poetic and sensitive approach. This approach can be found not only in the production activity, but also in the intense training activity scattered throughout the territory with the realization of interventions aimed at social cohesion, as well as bringing the public closer to the practices of the body and its expressive possibilities. The work of Tecnologia Filosofica reported over time through prizes and mentions has also been spread abroad, thanks to transalpine production collaborations with the Theatre Durance in Château Arnoux, participation in the Avignon Festival for Les Hivernales, touring and international collaborations organized between 2010 and 2019 in Belgium, France, Germany, Cuba, Brazil, the USA, Indonesia, Switzerland, Japan, and China. The group has been operating permanently since 2000 in the city of Turin.