Monday, 1st May 2023
Albagnano Healing Meditation Centre – Bee (VB)

Breathing Room

Salvo Lombardo ft. Matteo Marchesi (IT)



5:00 p.m.


Tara Room, 1° floor

Free entry, reservation required | + 39 3518081786 | | +39 (0)323569601 |

Breathing Room relates to breathing as a poetic act. Inspired by Chandra Livia Candiani’s ‘Questo immenso non sapere’, she invents an ideal, dilated space in which to “catch one’s breath” and in which to lose control over the artistic act. Solicitations and suggestions received over time have shaped the dramaturgy, leading to a performance that relies on voice and body. Each opening becomes a unicum, a performance determined in real time, without rehearsals or previews, born from the combination of suggestions and how the performer decides to react. An invitation made of complicity to be carried away, an attitude of listening, an exercise in vulnerability and relationality that may suggest an act of mutual care.

Concept, texts, voice and environment: Salvo Lombardo | Produced with: Steam Laundry in Collegno | With the participation of: an ever-changing guest | Dramaturgy inspired by: This immense not knowing by Chandra Livia Candiani | Notes, words, images in gift form: Fabio Acca, Michele Di Stefano, Carlo Lei, Cristina Kristal Rizzo, Paolo Ruffini, Alessandro Sciarroni, Alessandro Tollari | Original music and sound design: Fabrizio Alviti | Musical quotations from: Ira album by Iosonouncane | Executive production: Chiasma | With the support of: Festival Attraversamenti Multipli | With the contribution of: MIC – Ministry of Culture

Salvo Lombardo is a performer, choreographer, multimedia artist and curator of performance projects. Over the years he has deepened a research that spans dance, theater and visual arts with particular attention to the languages of video and relational art. He has been artistic director of Compagnia Chiasma since 2016 and is currently associate artist of MilanOltre Festival and Lavanderia a Vapore. His works have been hosted and produced by numerous festivals, theaters, museums and independent spaces in Italy and abroad. Over the years he has addressed issues such as decolonial practices and the relationships between colonial imaginaries and contemporary representations, as well as engaging in projects of artistic cohabitation and multimedia research. He is currently engaged on the postcolonial re-mediation of the Leipzig Industrial Exhibition of 1897.

Matteo Marchesi is performer and choreographer. He works for Silvia Gribaudi and he’s associated artist by Zebra. Workshops, interdisciplinary exchanges and community projects are essential part of his artistic work