Semi Senso

Chloé Sassi
Fall 2023

The Semi Senso project is a proposition for an experimental documentary film generated from a collective process of gathering, moving, playing, and sharing. The shooting of the film becomes a tool to explore different ways of relating to land and the other, imagining how we can invent new ways of being together. Let’s think of: what practices can we develop to see how we embody the living processes of our surroundings? How can we re-enchant a place and ourselves?
Semi Senso’s creative process begins with the composition of a “relational ecosystem”: casting with inhabitants by researching intergenerationality and differences, and then interweaving (eco)somatic practices of singing and movement. Collective improvisation and being in the present are practiced to achive a state of trust, a kind of porosity towards an environment.
The video work resulting from the process becomes the testimony of these experiences, an archive in movement where the body of the camerawoman is integrated.

Creation and production by Chloé Sassi / Performers: Chloé Sassi, Alice Baroni, Veronica Corradini, Massimo Morosin, Ilaria Pradella, Yolanda Cappelletti / Videomaker: Céline Fantino / Costume assistance: Zenonan / Bando Nouveau Grand Tour 2023 by Institut français Italia (IFI), Ambasciata di Francia in Italia.


Chloé Sassi (1996, Ithaca, NY) is a French transdisciplinary artist. She graduated from the Fine Arts school of Villa Arson (2019) and the EHESS – High Studies of Social Sciences in Paris (2021) under the tutelage of philosopher Emanuele Coccia, where she presented research about immersive artistic format as a way to re-enchant the world. Sassi is focusing on the perspective of interactive design and embodied performance. She searches for an “enhanced corporal perception” by stimulating human senses to bring the audience in a “contact zone”. By following this method, she founded Somme Sensible (Sensitive Sum), a collective that creates hybrid events as participative experimentations. Through a co-construction of ambiances, they aim to develop new ways of listening and relationing. Sassi also processes video and photography as an archive for sensorial and relational explorations. She immerses her interpretations in symbiosis with their surroundings, working mainly from a state of ultra-presence and eco somatics practices.
Sassi (she/her) lives in Paris and works internationally.

Ph. Courtesy of the artist, video still of Semi Senso by Chloé Sassi, camera Celine Fantino. CROSS Residence 2023, Ameno.