LIS LAB Performing Arts/CROSS Project
Spring 2022

Il Bosco che non c’è | Neverwood is a path of research and co-creation that, through the poetic language of performance and dance, aims to address the theme of perception in the relationship with the natural world. The performance (digital & live) illuminates the natural forces that surround us and invites participants to navigate in an elastic (timeless) space using their extra-daily sensory perception. In this space the physical world is removed to reveal networks, processes and systems that are both sublime and fundamental to life on earth. The performance/installation has the power of a meditation and the depth of an abyss; it is a path to approach the practices of the body and the spiritual dimension of man and the world around us, starting from an accompaniment to individual and collective reflection on the fragility of human existence and climate change. Through sensory exploration, meditation and contemplation of the forest, we experience the world around us and its hidden nature (made up of flows, energy and abstract elements).

A project by  Antonella Cirigliano e Angelo Benedetto // text and  mantra: Angelo Benedetto // video: Stefania Carbonara // creative technologists and electronic rituals: Riccardo Mantelli // assistant creative technologists: Soham Das // sound designer: Guido Tattoni // assistant sound designer: Natalia Polvani // live sounds: Paolo De Santis // special effects: Filippo Maria Pontiggia // performers: Francesca Cinalli, Elisa Sbaragli, Sabrina Saporiti, Matilda Deidda, Filippo Maria Pontiggia, Paolo De Santis and with Antonella Cirigliano e Angelo Benedetto // sets and objects: : Giulio Marco Olivero in collaboration with Angelo Benedetto e Christian Beck // assistant sets: Sabrina Saporiti // costume: Lucia Lapolla // thanks to: Sara Topsoe Jensen, Marialuisa Bafunno // production: LIS LAB Performing Arts/CROSS Project // co-production: Perypezye Urbane // in collaboration with NABA – Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti di Milano, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo, Ente di Gestione dei Sacri Monti/Sacro Monte di Orta San Giulio


Angelo Benedetto Cafà. Studied fashion at the Academy of Fashion and Costume in Rome and worked for several years in the fashion industry.He then retired to a Buddhist monastery where he acquired awareness and specialised in meditation techniques. For some years he applied himself to the study of neuroscience. He went through various work experiences, from creating design objects and furniture from recycled materials to studying spiritual and holistic practices and self-care and awareness. For several months he has been collaborating with CROSS Project for the creation of spaces and environments dedicated to performance on the themes of sustainability and respect for nature.


Francesca Cinalli. Graduated in 2006 at the Institute of Traditional Arts of Peoples and Cultures I.A.T. Gong in Genoa. Since 2008 in collaboration with the musician Paolo De Santis within the collective Tecnologia Filosofica runs a personal trajectory of artistic research The Ritual Body from which creations presented in Italy and abroad are born. In 2021 she and film director Milad Tangshir produced the VR film HYDROCOSMOS in co-production with Coorpi, in collaboration with Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo. Since 2016 she has been active in the research of performing arts CAMPI CREATIVI aimed at young people under 25. Since 2015 she has collaborated with the Cie AtoU of Lyon choreographer Anan Atoyama for the creation of Hidden Body. Since 2015 she has been collaborating as a performer and tutor for the projects of Carovana S.M.I. by Ornella D’Agostino. Since 2016 she has been collaborating with Amina Amici for the production of Luci di Carni. Since 2017 she has been an associate artist of the Workspace RicercaX platform.


Paolo De Santis. Musician, percussionist and expert in field recording, his work ranges from electroacoustics to sound-editing, towards the composition of plots, stories and original sound landscapes. He works mainly in the field of dance and theatre, taking care of the sound plan of the main works of the collective Tecnologia Filosofica of Turin. In 2021 curates the soundscape of “Hydrocosmos”, a film in VR directed by Milad Tangshir and produced by Tecnologia Filosofica in co-production with Coorpi and the collaboration of Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo. In 2020 he Composed and realized live the soundtrack of “Sinfonia H2O” winning choreographic residencies 2019 at the Lavanderia a Vapore of Collegno (TO) in coproduction with LIS LAB Performing Arts and presented at CROSS Festival 2020 and Mirabilia 2020. In 2019 he was selected as an artist by the project “Crossing the Sea 2019” promoted by Marche Teatro for the conduction of the Training Camp at Shanghai International Dance Center in Shanghai, China.

ll Bosco che non c’è | Neverwood, CROSS Festival 2022, Ameno

Ph.  Paolo Sacchi