Art in the Time of Technology: how technology has revolutionized performing art

In the contemporary art world, technology has broken new ground and given rise to a fascinating fusion of creativity and innovation. In this article, we will explore how technology has influenced performing art, resulting in spectacular and immersive works that challenge the limits of perception and artistic expression.

Through ten outstanding works and performances selected by our editors, we will discover how technology has enriched and transformed the contemporary art scene.

The Treachery of Sanctuary by Chris Milk

Using interactive technology, Chris Milk has created an immersive experience in which the audience can become part of the artwork itself. Through projected shadows and body movements, the artist transforms participants into winged creatures, transporting them into a dreamlike world.

Dancing with Drones by Studio Drift

Studio Drift has created a breathtaking performance in which dancing drones join dancers on stage, creating symphonic choreography and evocative interactions between man and machine. The innovative use of drones adds a futuristic and surprising dimension to performing art.

Memoirs of a Robot by Huang Yi

Huang Yi is a choreographer performing together with a humanoid robot. Through synchronized movements and fluid interactions, the artist explores the boundaries between man and machine, creating an exciting dialogue between two worlds.

Ryoji Ikeda’s Test Pattern

Ryoji Ikeda, a multimedia artist, creates hypnotic and immersive audiovisual performances that play with the perception of sound and light. Test Pattern is a work that uses moving lines and points of light to create a unique and immersive sensory experience.

Virtual Reality Performance by Marina Abramović

Marina Abramović has been experimenting with virtual reality, taking viewers into a whole new dimension. Through the use of VR visors, audiences can participate in interactive performances and immerse themselves in the artist’s artistic experiences.

Glowing Paths by TeamLab

TeamLab creates interactive artworks that transform in real time through the use of technology. Glowing Paths is a light installation in which visitors can walk on paths that react to their movements, creating an immersive visual and sensory experience.

Biomimicry by Aakash Odedra

Aakash Odedra combines dance and technology to create performances that explore the relationship between the human body and the natural world. Using projections and visual elements, the artist brings animal-inspired movements to the stage, creating a fascinating and poetic experience.

The Weather Project by Olafur Eliasson

Olafur Eliasson has created an artwork that simulates the effect of a setting sun in an exhibition hall.Using artificial light and fog, the artist creates a surreal atmosphere that engages the audience and invites them to reflect on the connection between man and nature.

Gravity of Light by UVA (United Visual Artists)

UVA creates immersive installations that combine light, sound and movement to create a unique multisensory experience. Gravity of Light is a work that explores the power of light and its relationship to time, inviting the audience to reflect on the invisible dimensions of the universe.

Rain Room by Random International

Rain Room is an interactive installation that allows the audience to walk through a virtual rain shower without getting wet.Using motion sensors and water control technologies, the work creates a surreal experience that challenges the perception and relationship between humans and their surroundings.

These ten works represent only a small part of the wide range of artistic expressions that technology has made possible in contemporary performing art. Through continuous innovations, technology continues to transform and enrich art, opening up new perspectives and challenging the boundaries of imagination.