The rush of the seas throbbing in our hearts

Helena Dietrich
14th of June 2024 – music performance

Atelier di Benoit Bouhier, via Trento 1, Ameno (NO)
From 4PM

BOOKING INFO:  / +39 3343441722

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Artistic residency 1st of June – 15th of June 2024 – Ameno

The rush of the seas throbbing in our hearts is a project that invokes sound portals, magical entities, ephemeral mysteries and ghosts, latent dreams and effervescent vibrations. In this research the magical and imaginary character of the environment is translated and interpreted becoming a soundscape journey. The voice becomes an invisible agent that travels through matter transforming into atmospheres, creatures, spirits, memories, landscapes, and stories. It is a contemporary fable of sounds, environmental recordings, looped voices and musical assemblages, dedicated to our inter-relational nature with the natural world. Helena Dietrich explores the ecosystem understood as home to creatures both real and invisible, magical and perceivable only through a deep connection between body, creativity and ecosystem. Viewers are invited to dream together in a frame for intimate and collective encounters of co-creation through the sound that functions as a portal between inner and outer worlds.

Concept and creation: Helena Dietrich | Performer: Helena Dietrich | The project is supported by: Kunstenwerkplaats Pianofabriek, IKOB, Greylight projects, Garage 29.

Helena Dietrich is a transdisciplinary artist and independent researcher based in Brussels. Their work develops from the intersection of performing arts, experiential soundscapes, experimental pedagogy, immersive installation, and investigates magical realism, through fictional narratives, myths of metamorphoses, and an animistic lens. They majored in visual communication at the University of Applied Arts in Stuttgart, Merz Akademie, and later at the European Media University of Portsmouth. They did postgraduate research studies in performing arts at the Posthogeschool Voor Podiumskunsten in Brussels. From 2015 to 2020, they were a docent in visual arts, hybrid media and fiction workshop at LUCA Art School, and a research assistant at KASK, Hogeschool Gent. With their research they are concerned with exploring transformative body experiences and their healing potential within a community. As in their projects Critical Techno and Trance/reading in which through the union of listening, dance, sounds, beats, words, meditation and the use of the body, they are creating a moment of collective reflection and catharsis. Their work has been shown in several venues, museum and art spaces, such as Beursschouwburg, La Raffinerie, Kaaitheater, Uferstudios, Viernulvier, Brakkegrond, Le Generateur, Fondation Fiminco, IKOB amongst others.

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