PERSPECTIVA, vedere attraverso

(PERSPECTIVE, seeing through)

Summer 2021


The dance arrives under the house. The bodies pierce the urban fabric and move beyond the limits, joining the private windows under which they dance and the public places they cross, creating a map of the city. They enter people’s private perspectives, in those fixed frames that for months have been our only glimpses outwards. The dance unites outside and inside in a game of vertical perspectives that accumulate, where the bodies trace a path capable of creating unusual connections, bringing the choreographic narration from one window to another. The dancer, in the microcosm of the city, becomes a symbol of nomadism in opposition to the sedentariness of the public forced to observe from their homes. The performance aims to re-appropriate the city starting from a different way of perceiving the streets that run through it through dance and dancers. It wants to reflect on the connection between urban and human fabric, on the sense of how the pandemic has conditioned people’s movement, proposing a way to feel close in the distance and creatively using the relationship between inside and outside.


The Collective was born from the meeting between the visual artist Martina Dal Brollo and the dancer Silvia Dezulian who, over the years, have had the opportunity to collaborate on several projects. In 2017 the dancer/actor Filippo Porro and the electronic technician Gabriel Garcia joined this collaboration bringing an indispensable contribution to the research and exploration of physical practices with technological components. In 2018 it was decided to set up an open, rich and interdisciplinary group under the name of Azioni fuori Posto. AZIONI fuori Posto thus becomes an informal group of young artists under 30 with the intention of cultivating and bringing together different areas of research such as theatre, dance, music, visual art and technology through the body, sound, word and image so that they can detonate and dialogue with each other when and if necessary. Each member of the group does not lose their artistic autonomy and the number of members varies according to the time and type of work.

Ph.  Paolo Sacchi