ORPHEUS – Partitura scenica per corpi morti

Federico Gagliardi
Spring 2019

What is more painful than losing your beloved one? Our whole emotional universe crumbles. The memory of his/her skin remains, the perfume, the voice. There remains the excruciating void that slowly lacerates us: we die of pain. After a loss, we find ourselves living an interrupted existence, in the obsession to recall the crystallized memory of moments, which we would like to be eternal. They are moments destined to die out if not fueled by hope, the only light in the darkness of abandonment. On stage, between darkness and light, in a physical performance, two lovers duel with their souls in a dance set to music by fate that relentlessly makes fun of them. The rough and material sound that springs from the bodies on stage brings back to reality, to the nature of the human made of desires and obsessions. Once you break the barrier of the known, you find yourself governed by powerful sounds, unknown forces that pervade and dominate the scene.
A project by Federico Gagliardi // direction: Federico Gagliardi // with Elisa Sbaragli e Yannick Lomboto // original music: Edoardo Sansonne (Kawabate) // direction assistance: Maria Giulia Scarcella


Federico Gagliardi graduated in acting and directing from the National Academy of Dramatic Art “Silvio D’Amico” in Rome. Study the poetics and performances of Pina Bausch, Maguy Marin and Shiro Takatani. At the MACRO Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome he creates the site-specific show Carne & Cielo by Giorgio Barberio Corsetti. Presents at the 60th Festival of the Two Worlds in Spoleto Bitter tears by Petra Von Kant by R. W. Fassbinder, with whom he is hosted in Moscow at the Your Chance XV Festival and wins the A.N.P.O.E. La Furrina 2019. In Palermo he meets the director Emma Dante, with whom he works as assistant director for ‘Le Baccanti’ by Euripide, ‘Eracle’ by Euripide for the 54th Greek Theater Festival in Syracuse. He also takes care of the rearrangement of the operas: Rossini’s Cinderella at the Teatro dell’Opera in Rome and Verdi’s Macbeth at the Macerata Opera Festival 2019. He is among the winners in 2015 of the C. Abbado award. Finalist for the National Prize of the Arts 2017. Semifinalist at the Venice Biennale college 2018 Directors under 30. He founded the “Scigül” Artistic Operational Center for research in the artistic field, proving a particular interest in the body as a means of poetic expression.

Credits foto: Eleonora Mari, Federico Gagliardi