Nella Tana

exvUoto teatro
Summer 2021


“Nella tana”(“In the lair”) is a digital theatre project that starts from the virtual universe to bring the spectators together in the physical space of the theatre. It is an interactive digital platform that reproduces the room of a hikikomori where the audience is invited to enter (it is a real time interactive experience accessible as a website through mobile and desktop devices). The collaboration with two IT developers allows the experience and experimentation of new narratives that bring the digital world into dialogue with the theatrical world. We are inspired by the basic idea of the Marvel Universe (where the life of a character continues in different series, films, cartoons, video games) and at the same time by the concept of metaverse. The dramaturgy is broken down in the direction of a post-dramatic and playful narration. From click to click, guided by video, audio and live video chat with the protagonists, the spectator reconstructs the story: the conflict between the hikikomori and her fairy godmother. Will the fairy manage to get him out of the house? Will the digital community of spectators be able to find themselves in the theatre? Using the suggestions of the videogame Fortnite we create an online theatre show whose story unfolds not only under the eyes of the spectator, but also thanks to his interaction. We move in a theatre that lets itself be contaminated by digital language: hosting with streaming of multimedia contents towards users; event management and chat management with users; room management with actors for coordination, direction and broadcasting. In the lair there are: two actors working on the PC on stage; a first part of digital performance and a second part live in the host theatre (no streaming); a real choice by the spectators who are asked to move from home to the theatre to enjoy the second part of the show.


It was born in Vicenza in 2012 and began its experimentation in unusual spaces for the theatre: shop windows and vacant spaces. The Love Box, a site A-specific theatre installation, won the IDRA 2012 theatre residency competition and was invited to ArtVerona 2013. In September 2014 it makes its debut at Verdecoprente Festival 2.0 The Love Box – White Room. The Love Box – Pink Room project wins the call for Temporary Assemblages 2015. In 2016 SISTER(s) – Miraggio su strada qualsiasi, already semi-finalist at the Scenario 2015 award, wins the CURA2016 call for proposals receiving the support of Residenza IDRA and Teatri Di Vita and is invited to the Tramedautore 2018 festival, in 2019 he wins the Inscena di Arci call for proposals. In 2017, in residence in Verdecoprente, the participatory theatre project Mappatura Emotiva di un territorio (Emotional mapping of a territory) was born, which is leading the company to map very different places in the peninsula. “ Un Coniglio, Solo”, the new show, is coming to life thanks to the residences at Teatro Le Forche in Massafra and Residenza Qui e Ora in Arcene.

Ph.  Paolo Sacchi