LOVE | Paradisi Artificiali

Davide Valrosso
Summer 2020

Subtle and invisible energies move three bodies on the scene, embodying the different features of a love that, in the sign of the feminine, generates its own trace. Anatomical presences and fragmentations that feed on relationships between bodies and objects, from which eros/love overflows and takes shape. Dominated and bound in the sign of red – as the colour of love and passion, but also of violence, danger and blood – they generate visionary images that crumble into sensual dynamics and desire. Geometric lines and shapes mix, revealing hallucinogenic images on the edge of dreams, capable of creating monsters or sacred figures, similarities, vectors of urgency or channels of force and substance.

The Artificial Paradises are signs, engraved and tattooed in space, tangible mirrors of a hidden eros, prosthesis of a love that is unable to give itself but that in the end inevitably overwhelms us.

[Valeria Vannucci]

Concept: Davide Valrosso // Performers: Chiara Ameglio, Giulia Porcu, Olimpia Fortuni // Music Producer: Stefano Libertini Protopapa, Pierpaolo Moschino
Production: C.I.M.D danza contemporanea // supported by: MiBACT and SIAE, within the program

“Per Chi Crea” // co-produced with: Compagnia körper – TIR Danza // supported by: ADH – Anghiari Dance Hub, a.ArtistiAssociati, Cross Project, Centro Residenze per la Toscana Armunia.


Artist, performer, dancer/author, choreographer. He studied in many contemporary training centers; he worked for a long time with Virgilio Sieni company, as dancer and trainer; as interpreter he collaborated with important visual artists and national and international choreographers. In 2018 he created Biografia di un corpo, produced by Kilowatt/Capotrave, as part of the European project BeSpectACTive, and Sogno, una notte di mezz’estate commissioned by the Balletto di Roma. In the same year he became coordinator of the project C.I.M.D incubator for young choreography supported by Mibac (Milan) and received recognition as an emerging artist from Puglia. In 2019 he presented Bloom II, a site-specific performance created in collaboration with the S. Chiara Cultural Centre, Mart in Rovereto. In the same year he was selected for the project “Crossing the Sea”, through which he worked with the company Attakkalari Bangalore (India), where he created A peaceful, Place.
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credits photo: Giovanni Chiarot