LANDing in Verbania

Francesca Foscarini and Cosimo Lopalco
Summer 2020

LANDing, in its original idea, was born from the desire to land in unknown territories, to explore the natural and human landscape, traditions, traces of history with the eyes of those who encounter a new place for the first time and with the intention of looking in an unusual way at themselves and the territory they explore, to reflect on the relationship with elsewhere and the sense of the encounter in a relational dynamic in which the other and the elsewhere are always present inside and outside of us. The workshop ‘LANDing in Verbania’ gave rise to the performance ‘GIULIA. Museo dell’altrove’ as a scenic outcome, which enthusiastically embraces the wandering philosophy of CROSS Festival 2020-Walk Edition; it has been inspired by the dérive, a radical practice of rehousing and crossing spaces conceived by Guy Debord, and will aim to establish new and unusual relationship with those territories, urban and natural, that we normally cross.

A project by Francesca Foscarini e Cosimo Lopalco // choreography: Francesca Foscarini
Featuring: Andrea, Marta, Yolanda, Giusi, Monica, Maria Grazia, Giulia, Irene, Federico


Francesca Foscarini is dancer, choreograph and teacher in the context of contemporary dance. Francesca embraces a research approach, with the aim of exploring the possibilities, the freedom, the playfulness that the dance hides. She has won numerous awards including the Positano Award as Dancer of the Year for the Contemporary Scene in 2015 and the DANZA & DANZA award as Emerging Choreographer in 2018 for the creations Animale and Oro. L’arte di resistere. Cosimo Lopalco is writer, poet and playwright. He is author of the novel Tutto a posto tranne me, the poetry collection La città che non esiste and the dramaturgies of Animale and Oro. L’arte di resistere. Together they created LANDing, an interdisciplinary workshop based on psychogeography principles. He co-founded with Marcomario Guadagni edizioni del nulla publisher.


credits photo: Umberto Vecchi