Industrial Soundscape

Alberto Ricca e Elisa Sbaragli
Summer 2020

Industrial Soundscape is the construction of a sound and visual landscape that evokes the very high industrial density past of many Italian territories. The project sees the union of different disciplines in an intense performance: the improvisation of the electronic musicians and the videomaker, brought together to form a “laptop orchestra”, is conducted by Alberto Ricca with gestures taken from the conduction technique, and it dialogues with the two dancers, Elisa Sbaragli and Sissj Bassani. The result is an abstract evocation of the visual and acoustic landscape of the industrial districts, now in decline, through a process of memory enhancement in a contemporary key.

A project by Alberto Ricca and Elisa Sbaragli // featuring: Sissj Bassani, Alberto Ricca, Elisa Sbaragli // music direction: Alberto Ricca // choreography: Sissj Bassani and Elisa Sbaragli // video and image processing: Fabio Brusadin 

from an idea of Andrea Ruschetti


Alberto Ricca is a teacher, the co-founder of the radical improvisation label Floating Forest, and an electronic musician whose productions floats between contemplation and clubbing, with a profound fetishism for taking instruments to their limit and mash-up between genres. He is the author, with the dancer and choreographer Annamaria Ajmone, of the contemporary dance show TO BE BANNED FROM ROME, which debuted at Torinodanza Festival in 2017. Elisa Sbaragli is dancer, choreographer and teacher. Graduated from the CIMD – International Center of Movement and Dance, under the artistic direction of Franca Ferrari. From 2015 she writes and interprets her creations. In 2019 she began to work on a new creation entitled VACUO. The work was presented as a study at the technical space of Fera Teatro in Domodossola, in Faenza during the Faenza Art District and at the Festival delle Colline Geotermiche in Pomarance (PI).


photo credits: Paolo Sacchi – Irene Picelli