EgriBiancoDanza (IT)
Summer 2022

EartHeart, as the play on words in English suggests, combines the word heart with the word earth: the heart is the engine of the body, it is the beating of life, and like him, the earth too has a heart, multiplied by all the dimensions in which the life manifests itself.

The project foresees the involvement of the dancers of the Company with a specific ecosystem and local communities. The need is to return to listening to nature to rediscover archetypal landscapes, inner horizons and renewed listening, grafting parallels and combinations between landscapes and  landscape, interior and musical, and to rediscover our roots, psychophysical habits, social and natural identities, practices and traditions linked to the territory of belonging. An in situ research aimed at collecting material for a theatrical reworking, documented in three videos for each experience.

CROSS welcomed the fifth EartHeart experience, of which the leading artist was Vincenzo Criniti, that took place on Lake Orta. Here nature has dreamlike and surreal connotations and accompanies the dancer through a path of investigation into himself in parallel with a human and spiritual confrontation with the Franciscan Friars of the Convent of Monte Mesma.

A project by Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza


The Compagnia EgriBiancoDanza company directed by Susanna Egri and Raphael Bianco was founded in Turin in 1999. In the last years, it has distinguished itself for Raphael Bianco’s creations, for their social and spiritual value, for their excellence and versatility, which have allowed it to meet the favour of public and critics, and to establish itself as one of the most interesting realities of Italian dance. The Company gives life to the fundamental principles on which Fondazione Egri per la Danza is based: training, promotion and diffusion of the art of dance in Italy and abroad. It is made up of dancers coming from high-level professional experiences and has a solid repertoire ranging from neoclassical ballet to contemporary dance. Its choreographic style combines a solid academic basis with the dynamic variety of today’s choreographic creation.

The EgriBiancoDanza Company has achieved brilliant successes both in Italy and abroad, presenting performances in Argentina, Hungary, Malta, Greece, Serbia, Russia, France and Portugal, Belgium, Macedonia, Chile and Bosnia, as well as throughout Italy.


Ph.  Paolo Sacchi