ZA | DanceWorks
Summer 2021


Echea moves around the perceptive and sensorial dimension in the dialogue between sound and body, in a relationship of complicity in resonance. The human body in its single stasis possesses its own vibration and in this condition acts within a space. In this project dance acts on the sound construction of dramaturgy: the body with its cracks, surfaces and cavities is generative, it creates sound and by moving it ensures that the space always responds musically.


DanceWorks was born in 2016 by Andrea Zardi, dancer and choreographer (Piacenza, 1987). Andrea Zardi began his dance studies in 2004 with Chóros: through a scholarship in 2007 he started studying at the Hamlyn Ballet School, with the New Dance Concept, Eko Dance project of Pompea Santoro and studied with international masters with ICD/ Nuova Officina della Danza di Torino, Tanzafabrik. Dancer for Daniele Ninarello, Daniele Albanese, Nicoletta Cabassi/Lubber Das, Artemis Danza, CIE Willy Dorner, Lyric Dance Company, Teatro Regio Torino, Teatro La Scala. In 2016 he began his own career as a choreographer, with the first duo Relation_Á bout de souffle and took part in Aterballetto’s Choreographic Dance master. In 2018 he created Nóstoi | View Room, in 2017 he created the duo Unknown, in 2018 he began working with the ArtGarage company as an artist associated with AUTORISSIMI, and with the Pulse project he became part of Permutations, promoted by Zerogrammi/Casa LUFT, Fondazione Piemonte dal Vivo and Anghiari Dance Hub. In 2020 he will make his debut with Grindr_Date no One at the Fabbrica Europa festival and with Pulse at the Mirabilia/BICAP 2020 festival. First archivist for the Teatro Stabile di Torino, he worked at the Teatro Regio Torino and for the Festival Incanti. He is currently working on critical writing for the webzine Theatron 2.0 and collaborates in the project direction for the festivals. PhD candidate for the University of Turin in the interdisciplinary field between dance and neuro-aesthetics. The ZA | DanceWorks project brings together several artists to carry out research in the performance field.

Ph.  Paolo Sacchi