Dov’è più profondo

Irene Russolillo
Fall 2020

Dov’è più profondo is a live-set of dance, voices and music, the result of a creative process in which some practitioners of traditional forms of orality and singing of the host territory are invited to share their knowledge and to fix their vocal contributions through recordings. Starting from the collected tracks, an original sound and choreographic elaboration is created. The desire is to intervene on this precious material, bearer of personal and collective memories, trying to (re)position musical and vocal elements linked to tradition in a proposal that speaks a language of the present. The creative process ramifies around the body in movement and the voice, this voice that comes from within, that is the element closest to our organs, that is connected to our history and traditions and transformed by them. Are we willing to (let) the constituted elements be transformed so that they are again in relationship with the world around us? The musical discourse is the playing field on which to measure these reflections, appealing to the transformative power of the process shared with the micro-community that is formed around the project.

Project and performance: Irene Russolillo // Sound creation: Edoardo Sansonne | Kawabate // Assistance and curating: Irene Pipicelli 

Acknowledgements: Associazione dei Cori Piemontesi and Alma Baruffaldi, Elisabetta Berra, Corrado Cattano, Paola Maestrini, Owie Osaigbokan, Valentina Volonté 

The project is realized with the Ass. Cult. VAN / as part of the CROSS Award 2019 – Verbania


Irene Russolillo is a dancer and choreographer, she creates her own works since 2013. She has collaborated as a dancer with Roberto Castello, Lisi Estaras, Abbondanza|Bertoni and many others. As a choreographer she has received over the years the support of the Network Anticorpi XL, she won the Equilibrio Award as best performer and several other awards in Italy and Europe, she was an associate artist of the Oriente Occidente Festival in Rovereto. She is currently part of the cultural association VAN.


Credits foto: Irene Picelli