Autumn 2022

The Nouveau Grand Tour residency project, conceived and designed by the Institut français d’Italie (IFI) / Ambassade de France en Italie, is a residency project for young European talents under the age of thirty and deployed throughout Italy through a network of partner institutions. This large-scale artistic programme, which is one of the main themes of the Quirinale Treaty, promotes cultural dialogue and European values of exchange and sharing.

This project stems from the desire to launch a contemporary form of the 18th century tradition of the Grand Tour, which allowed young Europeans to travel from city to city to discover the artistic heritage. The new Grand Tour will offer selected young artists the opportunity to be accompanied in their creative process, without production constraints, and thus to come into contact with different local cultural actors.
The artists in residence hosted by CROSS Residence are Emma Pinoteau, Florian Della Cortiglia, Mathis Berchery and Angele Manuali.

A project by Institut français d’Italie (IFI) and Ambassade de France en Italie.


Mathis Berchery is a visual artist, poet, performer and yoga teacher. A graduate of DNSEP Art (Eesab Rennes 2016) and the Master of Literary Creation (University Paris VIII 2020), his works and performances have been presented at Frac Bretagne, CAC Passerelle, CAC La Criée, Paris Art Lab, and his texts published in poetry magazines. Between 2020 and 2022, he was in residence at CAC l’H du Siège in Valenciennes, Buropolis and Ateliers Blancarde in Marseille. In 2020, his book-performance les états sensationnels was supported by Itinéraire d’artiste(s) coopération Rennes-Nantes-Brest and Rennes Métropole. In 2022, with the support of the CNAP, Art Contemporain en Bretagne and the Archives de la Critique d’Art, he realised Les Yeux Rives, his first solo exhibition at the Frans Krajcberg Art & Nature Centre in Paris. Winner of CNAP’s Suite 2022 programme, he is preparing a new solo exhibition in February 2023 at the Espace BALAK in Charleville-Mézières. He currently lives and works in Marseille. Transdisciplinary, his work revolves around performance writing, post-naturalist ecology and critical anthropology.

Angèle Manuali is a visual artist, video artist and performer, graduated from Eesab in Rennes in 2018, co-founder of the Uklukk collective since 2015 and certified RYS 200 Yoga Alliance teacher in 2021. She lives and works in Marseille. Her performances, installations and videos reflect her interest in living and symbiotic patterns and the polyphony of voices; they have been exhibited at the Musée des Beaux-Arts, Hôtel Dieu and Salle de la Cité in Rennes, at the Kunstverein in Kiel (All) in 2021; at La Criée Centre d’Art Contemporain in Rennes, at the Biennale d’Art Contemporain in Arras, at Buropolis in Marseille in 2022. She passes on her performance and writing practice during workshops (EESAB Brest, Paris 8). In 2021, she was in residence at Finis Terrae Centre d’Art Insulaire on the island of Ouessant, a research that she is continuing and whose beginnings will be exhibited at the Solarium gallery in Marseille in the summer of 2022. Between 2021 and 2022, she was a member of Buropolis, where she co-founded the Uklukk Research House and taught yoga.

The Uklukk collective was created in 2015 by Angèle Manuali, video performer, and Mathis Berchery, visual artist and author, both yoga teachers. Brought together around anthropology, oral narratives and the crafting of knowledge, they create collective performances and immersive installations, innovative forms of address and interaction. They have been presented at the CAC La Criée (Rennes), the Kunstverein (Kiel, Germany), and the Festival Provence Art Contemporain. In 2020-2021, they are supported by OFAJ, DRAC Bretagne, and Ocean Summit for their international project L’eau d’ici. In 2020, they become Uklukk – Maison de Recherche, where they bring together their transdisciplinary projects and collaborations, including the poetry and performance events IN-OUIE, the Uklukk Radio “Faire société”. In 2021, they will set up the COMICO project, a gathering and research stay on art, and co-direct an exhibition residency at the Buropolis workshops in Marseille.

Florian della Cortiglia: How can life in a place erode its politics? How are structural hierarchies based on spells? How can we cast new spells that cement the homes we become for each other? Florian de la Cortiglia, a young artist who recently graduated from the Paris – Cergy art school, promotes fragments of a contemporary ideo-ecology, presenting the fruits of friction between urban and rural environments, focusing on the themes of spontaneous territorial appropriation, commensality, adaptability and ferocity. He hypothesizes a new visual belief system through fictions, speculating on probable future lifestyles rooted in bio-mimicry and intuitive development.

Emma Pinoteau is a visual artist, performer and singer based in Poitiers, France. After studying performing arts, she enrolled at the École Européenne Supérieure de l’Image de Poitiers (EESI) and founded the artist collective Brasier with five other students. She collaborated with the Cie du Théâtre dans la Forêt in the creation of the projects Balades Martiennes and Radiorama. She is the performer in the shows Ronces by Thomas Ferrand and Les sentinelles by Thierry Thieu Niang, created within the framework of the Atelier de recherche chorégraphique (ARC) at the University of Poitiers. With Axel Amiaud, she formed the duo Guerrières and developed a musical and performative practice. She focuses her research on contemporary Western tattooing and develops a series of performances that mix sound creation, singing, reading and the bloodline (tattooing technique without ink). She graduated from EESI in June 2022 and will be in residence at Confort Moderne (Poitiers) in the autumn.