Francesco Michele Laterza
Spring 2019

Baby I’m Dreaming is a performance project based on the idea of dream in its different meanings. The dream is understood as aspiration, night-time entertainment, nightmare, desire and fear. The work is divided into two phases: In the first one interviews with different people from the Verbania area are carried out in an informal way and recorded. In the second part the interview material is transcribed, and the text is then transformed into songs and music interludes with help from a musician. The protagonist of the performance is Tony, a provincial singer. Tony is the voice of the desires and anxieties of his audience. Tony is a passing by singer of the human landscape. A crossroad being crossed. Tony is a folk tale. Through the character the performer realizes his dream of singing in front of an audience, and at the same time his songs are built from the material made from the interviews on the theme of dream. The dream theme has always been a pillar in the economy of Italian and international pop music industry and at the same time it is a loop through which we can see individual and collective projections and anxieties at different levels of depth and intimacy. A project by Francesco Michele Laterza // with Francesco Michele Laterza, Danilo Valsecchi //  live music: Danilo Valsecchi, in collaboration with Nino Fasoli, Ester Groppo, Luca Maglio, Livia Manca, Giulia Rodari, Edoardo Sansonne and the choir “La Girafa”


Francesco Michele Laterza Francesco Michele Laterza is performer, director, choreographer and has a degree in art economy, culture and communication. After having worked as performer for various Italian companies, including DOM, Teatro Valdoca, Strasse, Famiglia Fuché, Inquanto teatro, he begins a journey as an author.  The focus of his research is the relation between body and construction of identity by experimenting with different performance practices. In 2015 he was among the five choreographers promoted by Anghiari Dance Hub with his the project Acquafuocofuochissimo. Since 2017 he has been an associated artist of Danae Festival Milano. In 2018 he takes part in the project È IL CORPO CHE DECIDE by the visual artist Marcello Maloberti for Furla series#01.

Credits foto: Paolo Sacchi, Irene Pipicelli