4°a 6°

Rafael Duarte-Uriza
Part I – 7th of June 2024 – participatory activity
Part II – 14th of June 2024 – participatory activity

Atelier di Benoit Bouhier, via Trento 1, Ameno (NO)
From 5PM

BOOKING INFO: info@crossproject.it  / +39 3343441722

All activities are free. To participate we advise you to sign up, we will keep you updated.

Artistic residency 13th of May – 16th of June 2024 – Ameno

4° to 6° refers to the dialogue between breathing and the Earth’s magnetic field to explore why we like or not to stay for long periods in certain places. We breathe constantly but we are not always aware of it. Being aware of oneself through breathing means also being attentive to how other entities and forms of life live and to how we impact the environments we are part of. From studying the material influence of geomagnetic fields on plants, animals, and people, to designing open areas where we can stop, stay, and experience, the project aims to organize collective moments open to all, to be together and to understand and experience breathing and electromagnetism. The Earth’s magnetic field is the manifestation of the force emitted by the planet from its center. It expands beyond the globe to unfold “invisibly” before our eyes. By noticing the interaction in this liminal space, where solar rays, cosmic winds, and the energy emitted by the planet converge, 4° to 6° becomes a moment of fabulation, an interchange between the Earth’s magnetic field, our non ephemeral existence, and the places we inhabit.
During the residency, the artist will open up the project to interaction with the public via impromptu encounters along the Sentieri del Quadrifoglio and in two openings with long duration workshop activities.

Concept and creation: Rafael Duarte-Uriza | Performance and participatory activity: Rafael Duarte-Uriza | With the collaboration of Benoit Bouhier, Giulia Maiocchi, Mariasilvia Pegorin, Ginevra Iuliano | Project developed with the support of: Can Serrat International Residency Program (Catalunya).

Rafael Duarte-Uriza is a Colombian transdisciplinary artist and researcher. He empowers people to comprehend that we are part of the parcel of the interdependent web of nature. His work focuses on radical interdependence, coexistence, and regeneration to create art installations providing spaces of ecological awareness. His performative practice is also informed by vipassana meditation and contact dance. As a researcher in Geobiology and Biohabitability, he is investigating georelations and respiration. His current project Breathe deeply, dwell slowly, walk silently is being developed with the support of Fondazione CROSS ETS and Can Serrat International Residency Program, Catalunya. Rafael studied Fine Arts at the National University of Colombia where he created the piece Reciprocal Compression, a refuge for bees with the support of The Foundation for Colombian Biodiversity. He is part of the team guiding the Sacred Art Experience 2024 Gorzanów, Poland, from the Institute for Devotional Arts.

Ph. Nicolàs Williamson, William Fonque