Sara Marasso
Spring 2019

131 Urban Rendez-Vous intends to create a different way of inhabiting the urban space and untraditional locations, with active or indirect participation of the public in the creative process. The project was born in urban spaces after a period of residency on the spot. It involves citizens in the creative process and questions the relationship between the inhabitants and the city they live in. Three dancers (a dancer, a musician and a double bass) meet in the square and in the streets of the Sassonia district of Intra. A rendez-vous during which the artists confront and dialogue and at the same time they transform the space by sending it back to the audience in a different version. The performance will be built starting from a dramaturgical guiding thread that questions the multiple dimension of the individual.
Three bodies meet in different spaces in a district of the city, sceneries chosen during the first mapping of the space. The same rendez-vous repeats itself, transforming itself: the three bodies of the dancer, of the musician and his/her bulky instrument, the double bass, confront and talk to each other in every moment to their relationship. It is the same meeting that is repeated as it transforms.
A project by Sara Marasso // concept, choreography and dance: Sara Marasso // with: Stefano Risso // live music: Stefano Risso // video: Stefano Risso, Nicolas Rasi // photography: Giulia Delu
participants: Francesca Caretti, Francesca Casella, Diego Giannettoni, Sophia Minocci, Emiliana Morfini, Nicolas Rasi, Alessio Restelli, Elisa Sbaragli.


Sara Marasso is a dancer and choreographer. From the beginning of her training, she has connected the theoretical and practical study of different movement techniques in a research for a contemporary language for dance in close relationship with other forms of artistic expression. The artist underlines her approach to creation with the term corpo-grafia (body-handwriting). Her choreographic creations have been presented in numerous national and international festivals of contemporary dance and performance arts, such as quFestival Torinodanza, Interplay, Les Repérages, Tanzmess Dusseldorf, Charleoi Dance, Festival da Fabrica, FKM Belgrad, Festival Havana Vieja and in several other significant international site-specific creation projects.
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Credits foto: Paolo Sacchi, Irene Pipicelli